United Capital in Boca?

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  1. Trying to generate any information about a firm United Capital in Boca, I was offered a very reasonable deal there, only thing is I would just like a little more information before making a decision.

    I had worked at Worldco in the past and to be honest they painted quite a pretty picture, beside the fact that I was fairly new to the prop trading side. I watched guys drop like flys there I was waiting for someone to come in and shoot up the place; and lets just say I am trying to avoid a totally unproductive and unprofessional atmosphere. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    where is it in boca? give me the address and I might be able to help you.
  3. Is there somewhere we can go to get more information on your company?
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    We clear thru Carlin/Generic.
    Our reputation with the firm is held to the highest standards.
    Just call the owner Ron Shear or any trader that has ever traded for Chris Muro and you will receive nothing but good things.
  5. Alright everyone... I checked Chris out and he seems like a good guy. Chris, I'm not sure what kind of deals you have down in Boca, but I wish you well. I'm not sure if you've been on this board before, but just to let you know, whenever somebody comes onto the board and starts touting their firm, software, rates, etc., and doesn't immediately back it up (with numbers, case studies, and examples) they get drowned in criticism.

    And here's a tip... when somebody comes on the board saying "hey, I heard that (fill in the blank) has the lowest rates! Anybody heard of them?", you know they're most likely FOS. Then we see the owner/manager of the firm miraculously show up (cue the music) and say, "Yes traders, we are the greatest shop ever. Come on down for the lowest rates in town!!! No capital needed! Free Money!", you know that something's up.

    While most of the criticism in this thread isn't serious, you should at least consider posting some useful information about your firm while you're at the mic... like your systems, traders, and individual backgrounds. And you might even think about sponsoring an event or board on ET if you want to showcase your firm. If you put up the money you're more likely to get some attention. Hell, it's better than spamming the board.
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    Hey Guys,

    The thread is about United Capital in Boca. Let's please stay on topic with no abusive posts. Thanks.
  7. Chris,

    No Ill will. Sorry about the jokester posts on your previous thread. Good luck with United.


    Mike D.
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    Just wanted to post a little humble input. If it's the same Ron Shear that I'm thinking of I don't suggest that you call him.

    The guy was way ahead of the curve in option trading. He is sharp as a tack. In the 80's he was a big player , mover and shaker on Wall St.

    What you will get and hear from him might be a grand sales pitch.

    But that is not to say that anything is wrong with that. He was charming , persuasive and smart. Just be aware of what you are doing before talking to the Major leagues.

    Then again it could be a differant guy and I'm all wet...:confused: