United Airlines is buying supersonic jets

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by JSOP, Jun 3, 2021.

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  2. Put fatarse Desterina on that thing it won't be flying supersonic speeds any more lolol...
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    As if they didn't have enough problems managing their business...
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    It is fine if I need to cram into the seat which barely covers my butt.

    What I am more concerned about is the one sitting beside me.
    Is that person/s extra plus size ?!??!?!?

    I hope there is a physical barrier so that the one sitting beside me
    doesn't eat into my space.

    airlines do check to make sure the luggage is within certain dimensions.

    Time for the airlines to check & make sure human width is below a certain level,
    and can fit into the seat with no overflowing.
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    :D :D
    Out loud laugh!
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    That's discrimination and body-shaming. In the politically correct world that we live in today, that will never fly (no pun intended but it's ok if some pun is detected). They can't even do that to flight attendants, professional staff who work in the airline industry anymore, you think they can do that to paying customers? The most they can do is perhaps put a maximum limit on body weight of passengers for those supersonic jets due to technical limitations but that will be about all they can do pretty much.

    Hey at least we will get there faster!

    I just hope whoever is making the aircraft is not going to cut corners and pull some 737 max 8 shit, putting in some crap band-aid solution to patch up some fundamental flaws.
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    It will never work as a business model. It didn't work with the SST, and will not work with this new "net-zero carbon" plane, using "renewable fuels".

    So basically, bio-diesel. Which is corn and algae.

    It's not going to work. The amount of energy required to propel hundreds of people through the atmosphere at Mach 1.7 would be greater than the cost-benefit of sending them at half the speed.
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    Hey at least it's not ultrasonic this time!! :sneaky::sneaky:
  10. I'm with you. If you can afford SS flight you can afford 1st class on a normal jet which is just two hours slower. Hey if I'm flying 1st Class on a wide body to Europe or Asia I don't mind the extra few hours of "Would you like a warm chocolate chip cookie with your wine sir?"

    On a SS Flight it's "Hurry up and finish your drinks we're almost there." LOL
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