United 93

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will you be seeing this movie?

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing this, looks awesome. Besides the conspiracy theorists, who is going to see this?
  2. Saw the movie tonight, truly spectacular. If you go to see movies this is a must, regardless of your political views.
  3. Haven't see the movie yet. Like most other movies- I'll wait for the mass release to the rental crowd.
    I bet it is a good story, told well. Rah, rah!

    I am curious tho how the crash scene is portrayed and if it is also as devoid of all the aircraft crash debris as the actual pictures document.

    How the vanishing plane and all them people parts, luggage and ect happened to vanish soooo completely in such a small debris field for such a large craft at that.

    And if the county coroner testifies (in utter disbelief and dismay) how he stopped being a corner in less than 20 minutes of arrival due the lack of forensics to be found - and ( don't recall whom said it but the comment) "Looks like someone just dug a hole and dropped some metal junk in it" statement?

    Does the movie include the phone call:"Hi Mom, this is Arthur Bartholomew Wilson your son here, and I'm in a hijacked plane" phone call? ( well it went something like that - when the hell does a son give his whole first, middle and last (of course) name when calling his mom? That stinks- friend. Oh yeah, and the repeated- "You believe now mom - right?" questions. WTF is that all about??

    Whatever... I trust green pills will be provided with each ticket sold - sorta like the flicks requiring 3D glasses - please?

    As I said, good story, told well I bet. (emphases on "story")
  4. Jag, I hope you caught Larry King last night. They had on family members, a paramedic, and a State Police Officer. They were telling what really happened. It's nice to get their perspective on the tragic event, rather than some college kids website with made up witnesses.
  5. nitro


    I saw the movie last night. I learned very little that I already didn't know, but the little that I did learn and the impression that it made, made it worthwhile for me to go and see it.

    Many of the people in the theater were crying, and the movie doesn't even show any of the people trapped in the towers or the story of the people in the three other airplanes. It may not have the same effect if you wait to rent it....

  6. You are a truly sad individual...

    There obviously is something wrong with your thought process/emotional being.

    Get help.
  7. Will never go see such a movie filled with so many lies that pretends to be an account of an accual event....

  8. Yes help is apparently needed.
    Please pass some of your green pills so I can go back to my once content state of mind.

    Thanks for the diagnosis too. In the short & long run I would be better off. :cool:

  9. So in order to get the mass psychology hit, you need to see it in a theater?


    If the very thought doesn't move a person, if they have to see a theatrical re-enactment, if they have to see it with a bunch of crying people to actually feel something....

    Oy Vey!

    Sorry. Most people go to the movies for fantasy and escape.

    If a person needs to see this movie to get in touch with reality, they are very much out of touch....

  10. nitro


    I can only speak for myself in this case, but I have noticed that the farther the time that passes between an event for me, the more it becomes part of what I deem normal. It becomes a kind of abstraction. However, seeing it again at the theatre, perhaps in the company of others brought back to me what I felt that day - anger, confusion, despair, why? Could that have been achieved if I had watched it at home by myself? I don't know since that is not what happened.

    I am not sure what conclusion to reach from my experience, but this would not be the one I would reach.

    No need to apologize. I have no statistics on why other people go to movies, but what you propose seems reasonable. However I go for a myriad more reasons than the reason you give that "most" people go to theaters.

    Perhaps, but if it has the effect then I make no distinction between this way of "getting in touch" and some other way. The effect is the same. That said, I don't reach the conclusions you reach from my experience.

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