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  1. i happened to stumble upon an interesting concept. i have to say, i did think of it before, but after also hearing it from another source i am wanting to give it more merit.

    if you were to look at people who trade in the daily timeframe, i'd bet 90+% look at the same daily bars everyone else is looking at.

    the concept i'm talking about would be to make your view of the market unique. by that i mean, instead of a daily bar consisting of 1 standard market day, you could include a few hours from the previous day and end that bar that much early as well. the next bar would begin with the few hours you didn't include at the end of the previous day..and so on.

    another (different) example would be..... if you trade 60 minute charts, maybe trade 54 minute charts instead.

    it could be debated whether you want to see the same thing as everyone else....or your own unique view.
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  3. lol..first of all, i'm not "losing my ass." second, i don't currently do what i said in that post, i was just bringing it up for discussion. third, the concept may be over your head.
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  5. Gordon Gekko,

    That is actually a very good idea, although I would apply it to intraday movement as well. If you look at certain stocks, you will find that trends and "pulses" occur on varying time-frames. A lot of software packages come with 1, 3, 5, 10, etc min bars, but why not looks at a 2.5 minute bar or a 5.5 minute bar?

    You are correct, though. But also keep in mind this as well -- if everyone looks at the same thing and basis decisions off of that, that is how trends develop. What would make you successful versus the other guy is knowing when to hop on the train and, more importantly, when your at your station to hop off.

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  10. a trend could still occur even if not as many people are trading the same exact time frame as you. furthermore, i would argue that trends occur during all time frames...even ones probably not traded at all...like say the 1.11123 day time frame. the difference would be, you may be able to hop on/off the train a little before everyone else is (or where no one is). for example, if there are a lot of sell stops under a day's low on a daily chart, do you want yours there too? probably not. if you shifted your time frame forward just a bit, or traded a slightly shorter time frame, you could separate yourself from the crowd.
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