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  1. I have been a lurker here for a while and want to congratulate owners on such a successful site populated by generally decent group of people.

    I started out young, and my first edge or what I thought was one, was to see how long market turns take and to predict it next time around (many are probably laughing now :)). As I grew up I involved myself in all the technicals available to the public. Eventually I concluded that market is too efficient (if you are not laughing now you should :)), what drove me to succeed as a trader was knowing that somewhere out there a day trader was making it work, somehow, somewhere, if I only knew how.

    After many many hours, I finally concluded that market like ES for example is completely inefficient and completely exploitable. Let me be that day trader out there who made it work for him, use me to motivate yourself to discover in essence what I discovered.

    good luck
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    Ok I'll bite.

    I presume you've discovered a way to trade that is profitable for you over time. Well done!

    I'm interested in broad terms about what you "discovered" and why you say the ES is particularly exploitable.

    Cheers, bagg
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  4. I said ES for example, not ES in particular
    all liquid instruments are exploitable
    good luck
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    I am glad for this thread because I would like to know how you can tell it is the same IP address.
  6. Exploitable is usually bilateral, which means you could be the one holding the short end of the stick. It's my personal opinion that futures traders, in general, tend to be more sophisticated than stock traders. All things considered, being a successful stock picker doesn't automatically entitle you to assume the same role in the futures arena.
  7. I am a futures trader for your information
    Stocks are easier even so I stay away, futures are simple, clean, one chart, that's all, however my point is it doesn't matter, only liquidity matters
  8. Thanks Apak

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    The most surprising thing about our adaptation of Hurst's displaced moving average technique is that you don't have to spend any time doing tedious cycle analysis. Just click on a few bar highs or lows in the training software to get an idea of what periodicity is driving the trend and determine the best displaced moving average set with your eyeballs in the chart window. This becomes second nature after a few tries."

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