Unique situation to give full time trading a shot

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    Hi all,

    I have a unique situation I would like some unbiased advice on. I know that is in short supply around here.

    I'm 26 and engaged to a girl that will be attending a top rated D.O. program medical school. She is going to become an oncologist. In doing so, it will require us to move from Chicago to Michigan - not exactly a great place to live nor are there any job prospects for me.

    The one positive is that while she is in school for 4 years, she will have her housing paid by her student loans so we don't have to worry about housing, food, etc. If she were single, she would have the same costs. The other good thing is since Michigan is so depressed it is extremely cheap to live there.

    I really want to stay in Chicago and continue working and trading on the side however she has made the following offer to me. Since I would be sacrificing to leave the city for a few years while she becomes a doctor she wants me to spend at least 1 year working on trading full time since we don't have to worry about living costs.

    A little more about us. We have zero debt, (no car, mortgage, CC, anything) and about $100,000 in savings.

    I am cautious about this. On one hand I have a chance to give this a shot without worrying about bringing in a ton of money. This is a huge advantage.

    On the other, if it doesn't work out we are lighter in savings and no prospects for me to get a decent job in MI.

    In the end, she will be a doctor and we'll do alright.

    I would be starting out continuing to trade small size until I gain confidence in my strategy, but will be able to devote full time to it, rather than evenings/weekends mostly now.

    What would you do in this situation?
  2. she sounds like a keeper. dont let her get away.
  3. I believe OP asks for advice on trading, not women. :D
  4. Sounds like, if you ever had the time in your life to go full steam ahead, now is it.

    Good luck :)

  5. might be the best investment he ever makes. she sounds smart, understanding, logical,willing to allow risktaking and has the potential to earn a high income.
  6. What is your education and past employment history?
  7. A flight from Chicago to MI is no big deal, at best OP should pursue a long distance relationship...he's tying himself to the future of his future to be wife (if it ever happens)......What kind of guy sinks his future prospects over a woman (emotional ties.)
    & if it even works out Divorce is a 50 % possibility.

    Personality not suited for trading. Sorry
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    B.S. in Business from University of Illinois
    Been working for 5 years in project management related work
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    My initial response is to stay in Chicago and continue working and trade on the side. She really doesn't want a LD relationship while in Med School and she knows that there isn't really anything for me in Michigan professionally for the 4 years she is in school. We are coming back to Chicago once she is done.

    She offered this and logic of it makes some sense. I fear all debt, however when she would incur the same expense anyway if she was single it makes sense. She is trying to help me out, which is why we are a good team.
  10. what you're not factoring in is these 4 years, 26-30 is when careers get built or broken., by becoming a doctor & investing in her education, she's cementing her prospects. you're sinking yours.
    I'm pretty sure she's a good girl, & you're a good guy & approaching this with the best of intentions, but as you well know, life is complicated. you want to hedge your bets.

    Why don't you pursue an MBA ? (all while working on your CFA) or a MS in finance at the same university..or somewhere close. ?
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