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  1. Did you find them any useful? I could not understand
    anything except that it looked like maket profile to me
  2. riley


    is this free? I could not find anything about cost. I would be willing to give it a try.
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    more than that I cannot say ...

  4. If you pay by credit card, there will be a 8% surcharge.

    I wonder what other rules they break?

    Michael B.

    P.S. Try this for a real rule breaker, I would like to see their sign up page explaining the exchage fees......

    U. S. Equity Index Futures - Package which includes market data of the S&P 500 index futures, the E-mini S&P 500, the NASDAQ-100 index futures, the E-mini NASDAQ-100, the DJIA index futures and the mini-sized DJIA. Monthly fee: US$ 80 (approximately equals to NT$ 2700)

    Ha HA you could always call them!!!!! what time is it in China?
    TEL : 886-2-2363-3576 FAX : 886-2-2365-1776

  5. very good. this is how we stand.
  6. nkhoi


    it is not MP, it is based on theory that for any given interval there will be a balance point and action point and market will has to get to mirror point that reflect the action point thru BP.

    j-chart hand-book in PDF, you may have to join yahoo groups first then re-click this again http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Tradetheplan/files/j-chart/
  7. gms


    Taiwan, to be exact. Surcharges for credit card use are probably legal there.
  8. traderob


    so, is it any good?
  9. nkhoi


    I need to read manual first but the salesman was very enthusiastic, he wrote it and his name is John thus j-chart :D
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