Unions vs. the little guy in Wisconsin recall fight

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  1. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    do i want it? the reset needs to happen. we're too far down the road. but i've a question for you:

    do you honestly think that endgame is avoidable at this point?
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  2. Agree about the necessity of "reset", but the only reset I can envision is brought on by the destruction of the US financially.... massive inflation, huge decline in the $USD.

    Can it be avoided? Almost certainly NOT. There are too many tit-suckers getting more than they deserve and more than they should have ever been promised... and politicians too willing to "kick the can down the road"... to attempt a repair before all is lost.

    My BEST and most logical hope... is that it takes 40 years to accomplish the wipeout. By then, I'll either be dead or have Alzheimers and won't know the difference. Unfortunately, I doubt we can survive another 40 years before the destruction.

    Unless and until we get 50 MILLION citizens... marching in the steets, carrying signs, and demanding politicos stop the destruction... we're going to continue doing our "Thelma and Louise".

    And BTW... ODUMBO IS THE BIGGEST POS of all. He should stand trial for TREASON... for his $5 TRILLION in deficits during his first term!!

    :( :(
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  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    i dont want it drawn out. i dont want my children to have to suffer it without me. i would prefer it happen now, and allow me to help them get through it and then provide them the ability to start fresh with a new country and new, responsible rules for them. it is my generation's mess, throwing it upon my children is cowardice.

    i will help clean it up.
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  4. I'd like to think we'd try to fix things if the majority of Americans had a clue and a conscience. Unfortunately, that's not the case.... and our politicos are not inclined to voluntarily take on the necessary pain. And even more unfortunately... politicos are happy to ACCELERATE the destruction for their own personal and political greed. (I don't know how they expect themselves and their children/grandchildren to escape the carnage they're creating, but perhaps they don't bother to look that far ahead.) :( :(
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  5. If we actually do default, and our currency if removed from the world stage due to devaluation, do you seriously think you have enuf food and ammo to hold off lawlessness for more than a year or two. U don't, and neither does anyone else. If we break down, and assuming Russia or China does not take prompt advantage, this is how it will go. Find your nearest combat ready military base. That is your best shot. If you live in Texas, find your way to Ft. Hood, for example. Our military bases are how we will reorganize into whatever we will become after the meltdown. Me, I will be headed back to where I trained, which is Ft. Benning. America will fight another civil war to see who will control what. Do you really want that? I know i don't. We have been an imperial power for a long time, and other nations will come in to claim their stake.

    My God, look at what is happening on the border states right now, we will have wars on at least three fronts. If you are an American, then I would implore you to take a good pragmatic look at human nature, no way we come out of this in good shape, unless you have enuf ammo to hold off the nearest warlord who will be stationed at the nearest combat ready military base.
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  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    stop with the melodrama. and yes, i have enough food/seeds and weaponry, with 80 acres of hunting/farm land.
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  7. Lucrum


    Nice. Can we come live with you? :) I got an additional 500 rds of 7.62 being delivered today, I'm a better than average marksman and I'll be bringing this to the table.

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  8. Hello


    The democrats will not let up with Scott Walker, they can see that socialism is losing ground, and they saw how popular Christie became after taking on the unions in New Jersey, and they are not about to let that happen again with Walker. They will throw every dollar they have at trying to bury walker, to scare the republicans who are taking on unions in all the other states.

    It is actually not such a bad thing for republicans, because it seems that they completely missed Christie, who should have been their target and now all of the democrats vitriol will be redirected at walker, who has no chance at being the president, or anything bigger than a congressman anyways.
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  9. Any port in a storm eh ...Lucifer. How is that pentangle you've got painted on your parents basement floor?

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  10. Is that marble or linoleum?

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