Unions Threaten Wisconsin Businesses

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    In a letter from unions sent to Wisconsin businesses unions threaten to make life miserable for businesses not supporting collective bargaining rights. It is one thing to take action after the fact but to threaten action if another action is not taken is called extortion in most circles.

    "In the event that you cannot support this effort to save collective bargaining, please be advised that the undersigned will publicly and formally boycott the goods and services provided by your company."

  2. So it is okay for a corporation to threaten to leave a state or a the country unless they get special tax breaks, etc. but it wrong for labor to threaten a corporation with boycotts etc. to try and maintain a balance of power at the negotiating table.

    Different rules for different classes, obviously...

    Corporations extort by threat to move to another state/Country...but labor doesn't get an equivalence of power?

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    Got to give it to the dems on this one, they really managed to completely snooker non-union small businesses.

    Think about it, if you own a business which is non union, how bad would it be for you to come out and say you are in support of unions? You run the risk of your employees coming out and unionising on you, and using your own words against you. If not you lose the support of these people.

    I got to say in the long run that running the risk of pissing off the public sector employees will be less expensive then running the risk of your company unionising on you. There is no way in hell any of the big businesses/publicly traded companies will come out in support of the union, I can only hope that small business owners are smart enough to realise this as well, and that the majority of them do, so that the whole thing doesnt work.
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    Its time to identify the major union businesses and manufacturers in Wisconsin and boycott them.
  5. Kind of like saying if billionaires don't get tax breaks, we will cut unemployment benefits to those that were put out on the street when the billionaires screwed the pooch. That kind of extortion?
  6. By taking the bargaining power from unions, the elitists have taken away the last tool in the hand of the masses to assert their rights. This attack is not only against the Unions and its members, but rather against the American citizenry who wish to defend their rights of a better living.

    At the time when both the Repub. and Dem. gave generous handouts to the same corrupt institutions who almost brought the US down to its knees, we see, in my opinion, these same institutions and their branches, and through legislative representatives who would've not been "elected" if it wasn't for them, carry a policy of aggression against the working men and women of this country.

    In the meanwhile, the deceiving propaganda and media tools will try their hardest to fool the working men and women that "Through DREAMING and hard work, anyone could achieve their wives with inflated breasts, convertible sport car(s) parked in their over sized mansions and millions upon millions of dollars stacked somewhere in an offsure bank account".

    Now that is fine and dandy but at one point of time, that dreamer will look around and realize that the cards are stacked against him and that the rich and the elitists will never ever allow the commoners to share even the crumps of their pie. By taking away the last tool available to the masses, the elitists have left no other venue for the masses to protect themselves and their families but.........
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    You forgot the zionists. I'm pulling your Jihadist card. Shame on you.
  8. "the elitists have left no other venue for the masses to protect themselves and their families but........."

    Killing the Tsar and his family. Executing King Louis XVI. Declaring independence from King George and fighting the British Army.

  9. Apparently you are unable to discern any difference between a negotiation and extortion. If you go to a car dealer and haggle over price, that's negotiating. if you threaten to have his kid expelled from the school you are principal of, that's extortion.

    In labor law, secondary strikes are illegal. Secondary boycotts stand on dubious legal ground as well. What if the recipient of this letter fired all his employees who had contributed to Walker's opponent? Would that be appropriate?

    The fact that these are police and fire unions making these threats is chilling as well. It illustrates why public sector employees should not be allowed to unionize at all. What's next, slow responses to crimes or fires? We already know these people think nothing of lying about illness to lay out of work and demonstrate or faking disabilities.

    I suppose we should be grateful for these unionleaders for revealing to the voters what real thugs and goons they are.
  10. I was going to pull your intelligence card until I found you did not have one to start with. You are not even worth shiting at.
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