Union Teachers Explain How to Push Marxism in the Classroom

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    Sarah Knopp, a Los Angeles teacher and member of the International Socialist Organization organized a panel at Democratic Socialists of Americas Left Forum 2011 in New York in March, “Capitalism and Education: A Marxist discourse on what we’re fighting against and what we’re fighting for”, which discussed how best to indoctrinate children in the classroom.

    Barack Obama used to attend these events (then known as theSocialist Scholars Conference), when he lived in New York in the early 1980s.

    The second speaker is New York public school teacher and I.S.O. comrade Megan Behrent.
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    Indoctrination vs. indoctrination... which will win?
  3. And a defunct and useless discourse it is and about as pointless and uneducational as pushing creationism in the classroom. I am cool with critical thinking being taught and even handed sociopolitical discussion being encouraged but pushing Marxism is a fail.

  4. Savant....you know so much abt Obama , but yet claim ignorance about his BC.
    Don't worry too much about it , you still have like some 6 yrs to go. :D