Union Protesters In Wisconsin Put Cross Hairs On Governor

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Feb 18, 2011.

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    This is disqusting. Even doing this after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Arizona just weeks ago.

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  2. 377OHMS


    Attempting to hold liberals responsible for their hypocrisy is like putting a lioness on trial for killing a gazelle.

    Its just what they do in their natural environment.

    Oddly I'm beginnng to enjoy the whole thing. Time is on the side of the governor and every minute that passes generates additional deep resentment of unions and the parasites that belong to them in the rest of the country.

    Obama decided to incite instead of being an adult and so now much of what happens ends up all over his face. Works for me.

    Its like this, if unions won't contribute to their pensions and healthcare the next logical step is to eliminate those jobs altogether. You would think that union membership might understand that but they don't seem capable of anticipating the next logical step. Big shock I know.
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    I think you are right. This is working against unions and democrats big time. The same thing is going to happen in other states, too. And, if it goes on long enough to stick in people's minds, 2012 should be another massacre for the democrats.
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    Man no kidding.

    Since Obama was elected, no, since he took office my perception has been that there is a coordinated liberal attack on something or another every single day. Not a day has passed that some intiative wasn't announced or something that Obama was doing behind the scenes came to light, just one thing after another.

    Drip drip drip until the middle-class is so fucking furious that something has to give.
  5. I've noticed the same thing. But I've also noticed that the unplanned occurences, the ones unscripted, he utterly fails as inexperienced.
  6. Yes, it's hypocrisy. The hypocrisy practiced by both sides is simply stunning, to a degree where's it's no longer even relevant. All part of the plan. Tell the lie long enough and it becomes truth. Both parties are guilty.
    What else will they campaign on? The facts? Not a chance as the facts damn them, one and all. So it's off to the races with the rhetoric, the hyperbole, and the flat out lies. Politics USA! Some shining city on the hill we've created here. You betcha'.
  7. There is hypocrisy on both sides but don't even pretend it's equal. The left is now doing in spades what it falsely accused conservatives of, and it's mostly ignored by the media while the trumped up bullshit charges were front and center.
  8. Yes, the Dems have the Repubs beat all to hell when it comes to hate speech hypocrisy, but not to worry, the Repubs come up winners when it comes to their high minded morality and personal accountability claims. The anti homo, family values crowd can be counted on to be in someone's bed other than their wife, and/or practicing the "wide stance" routine at the local shithouse. My favorite is the personal accountability issue. Working man fucks up, hey mofo, you gotta' pay the price. But their banker buddies screw the pooch, hey, it's just business.
    Add it all up, and at the end of the day one party is as bad as the other, and anyone who claims otherwise is just being willfully ignorant while promoting their political bias.
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    I think you are a bleeding heart liberal hiding in Rino clothing.
  10. Couple years ago when I said I was a conservative Dem I was accused of being a fascist con pretending to be a Dem. There are those here that can attest to that squabble. Guess I'm doing something right, and I still am what I am, a conservative Dem.

    Edit: A conservative Dem who admittedly has been leaning further left month after month as the bastards who brought down the entire economy walk free, while the common man loses everything.
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