Union bosses threaten Hurricane Sandy cleanup contractors, their families

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    Unionized local employees repeatedly harassed and intimidated non-union workers of a private disaster cleanup firm that won a government contract to restore Long Island, New York, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

    The vice president of the union even made threats against the wife and kids of one of the workers. That worker felt it necessary to call the police and pursue other security measures to protect his family, a source told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    After Hurricane Sandy devastated the New York and New Jersey shoreline in late October, Looks Great Services (LGS) won a bid to haul away debris, clear roads and remove damaged trees. New York’s Nassau County hired the company to complete $70 million worth of repairs.

    Soon thereafter, representatives of Local 138, a union representing heavy equipment operators, began visiting construction sites, demanding that the company hire unionized employees to help with the job.

    But LGS was paying its workers — some of whom came from out of state — market-based wages, rather than union wages, in compliance with federal law regarding disaster recovery jobs.

    “If the contract is union, we are union, if it’s not, we’re not,” said Kristian Agoglia, president of LGS, in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    His answer didn’t satisfy the union, which began making inflammatory statements to workers at LGS construction sites.

    One of LGS’s contract workers recalled a union heckler telling them to “take your country ass back to Mississippi,” and “get your dumb Tennessee ass off that piece of equipment.”

    “What they would say is, ‘It sure would be sad if your trucks caught on fire,’” recalled the LGS worker, who spoke to TheDC News Foundation on condition of anonymity because the union also made threats against his wife and children.

    Local 138 vice president Phil Capobianco made the threats, said the source.

    “[He] called and said, ‘Look you have to get us involved,’” recalled the source. “I said, first of all, I don’t have to; second of all, we’ve tried; and third you’ve said you refuse to work for the rates we can pay.”

    Then Capobianco said something that the source would never forget.

    “He said, ‘I would just hate for anything to happen,’” recalled the source. Capobianco then rattled off a list of the source’s home address, his wife’s name, his kids and their current whereabouts.

    “I’m a combat veteran, and I have never in my life been as frightened as I was in that phone call when he started naming my family members and where they were and what they were doing,” recalled the source. “From that point forward I wasn’t polite to him. I told him exactly what he could do with himself, what he could do with his union, and what he could do with his threats.”

    The source contacted police and hired a security company to check on his house and his family. LGS also implemented security cameras at its operating sites.

    Agoglia was aware of the threats, but said Capobianco’s statements stopped short of illegal harassment, according to his counsel.

    “It’s not against the law to discuss that they are aware that you have family members and where they go to school,” he said. “It’s very intimidating, but it may not be crossing the legal line.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/06/17/u...nup-contractors-their-families/#ixzz2WZvsKd1Y
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    Unions in 2013: pure mafia. Legal mafia.:mad:
  3. I question that it's not illegal to make those kinds of implied threats in that context. It's called extortion, a staple of the mob.

    Any prosecutor with an ounce of integrity would want to take this in front of a jury, but of course the local police and govenrment are probably in bed with these union goons.
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    Man, you have to love being able to set "market based wages" at a time when labor is in surplus!
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    I hear they are digging for Hoffa again. I'll bet he could tell us some union stories!
  6. Lucrum


    I heard that too. Someone explain to me WHY taxpayers are digging for Hoffa - again.
  7. jem


    If the govt would only eliminate income taxes we could get back to a roaring economy.

    Then when we seal our boarders you would be loving market based wages.

    Its your leftist polices that are causing these kinds of problems.

  8. LEAPup


    No question, income tax and the IRS should go away. And yes, guys like ricter are part of the problem.
  9. Lucrum


    A double bingo! I didn't know that was even allowed.
  10. jem


    if we seal in our borders.

    i think wages in the construction industry would probably double rather quickly.

    restaurants would have to pay more...
    everything would reset to a new equillibrium

    Maybe it would even cause ceo pay to go down and there might be more smaller businesses and fewer big hugely profitable ones.

    Its all a big system -
    right now there are a lot of stupid policies causing distortions and inefficiencies.

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