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    This thread may get yanked, but we need to talk about it.

    What happens if they nuke New York or DC?
  2. History shows us that after some time has passed, life goes on.
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    Is anyone even considering this possibility?
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    I guess that you are the only one.

    But the rest of us are interested in what you have come up with.
  5. Report: U.S. Uses Sensors Amid Al Qaeda Nuclear Fear

    Mar 3 8:24am ET

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Fearing Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network may be making progress in obtaining nuclear weapons, the Bush administration has been placing sophisticated radiation sensors at U.S. border positions and key locations around Washington, the Washington Post reported on Sunday.

    The administration also has placed the elite U.S. commando unit Delta Force on a new standby alert to seize any nuclear materials that the sensors may detect, the newspaper added. The Delta Force has been given the task of killing or disabling anyone with a suspected nuclear device and turning the bomb over to scientists to be disarmed, the Post added.

    The sensors, known as gamma ray and neutron flux detectors, have been deployed since November at U.S. borders, certain overseas facilities and choke points around Washington, the newspaper said, citing U.S. government policymakers.

    The sensors also have been used at designated "national-security special events" such as the Olympics in Utah, the Post said. Allied countries, including Saudi Arabia, have rushed new detectors to their borders after U.S. intelligence warnings, the newspaper added.

    Up until now, the devices were carried only by nuclear search teams dispatched when extortionists claim to have radioactive materials, the Post reported.

    The Post reported that President Bush has ordered his national security team to give nuclear terrorism priority over every other threat to the United States after an October briefing by CIA Director George Tenet on al Qaeda's nuclear aspirations.

    "Clearly ... the sense of urgency has gone up," the newspaper quoted a senior policymaker on nuclear, biological and chemical weapons terrorism as saying.

    Another official was quoted as saying, "The more you gather information, the more our concerns increased about al Qaeda's focus on weapons of mass destruction of all kinds."

    The consensus U.S. government view is that Saudi-born extremist Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network likely has acquired the lower-level radionuclides strontium 90 and cesium 137, which cannot produce a nuclear detonation but are radioactive contaminants. Conventional explosives could scatter them in what is known as a radiological dispersion device, better known as a "dirty bomb."

    The number of deaths that might follow is hard to estimate but would probably be modest but it could be a potent weapon of terror, the paper added.

    <b> PS - why would this thread get yanked? You are not criticizing Terranova or Nassar.</b>
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    Suppose some one dropped a nuke off at your house tonight - how would you go about setting it off?

    I don't think that they have fuses...
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    If it happens I know I'll have gone home long.
  8. trading wouldn't occur for a LONG time; besides, you're going to have more important things to concentrate on, namely SURVIVAL.
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    I am dead serious. We as traders anchor our immediate reality in trading. We count on the financial markets. A nuke either in DC or NY (or any where else for that matter) would change reality forever.

    What do you ALL think about this....I want feed back
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    "Nuclear threat is the key"
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