Unified String-Field Theory of Market Prices

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  1. Schoolchildren learn in elementary science that a simple shift of perspective resolves the Ptolemaic illusion into the Copernican reality. The classic example of Occam's Razor. The near-universal knowledge of this intellectual triumph, however, prevents us from perceiving the reality of the markets. We have a Copernican view of a process which is really Ptolemaic. Occam's Beard, if you will. I shall attempt to explain this using string theory and classical electromagnetic theory as analogues. The reality of market pricing is that we view from the side in two dimensions (the chart view) a collapsed view of a continuous three dimensional process. This is like looking at a spring (a spiral) from the side and thinking that it is a sinusoid. In String-Field Market Theory, price is an infinitesimally thin string whipped by five electromagnetic-like forces (in the sense that these five forces involve lossless energy exchange between two orthogonal field properties). These five forces operate in five distinct time frequency spectra. I beg your forbearance for a while as I explain. It is difficult to get down to the popular level to communicate such complex ideas. But if you will momentarily suspend disbelief as you do when reading of the latest advances in matter/energy physics, I promise you a reward in increased comprehension of market action. More tomorrow.
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    Before you get started let me ask you this:

    Is the Sun A thermonuclear reaction or is it an anode drifting in space?


  3. Yes, my kids were just saying as much to me last night, before their snack.