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    A thread dedicated to unhinged anti-vaxxers -- there are so many examples.

    Top Anti-Vaxxer’s Unhinged Quest for Unvaccinated Blood Leads Him to Mexico

    After his family’s year-old puppy inexplicably died in the backyard, anti-vax activist Del Bigtree wondered if there might be some connection with a mystery illness that had struck him a few days before.

    “So, was he poisoned?” Bigtree remembered wondering about the puppy and therefore maybe himself.

    The racing heart and shortness of breath and fatigue that he was experiencing raised another possibility that was not without irony, given that he has been actively perpetuating untruths that endanger us all in the midst of the present pandemic.

    “Well, I must have, like, COVID,” he recalled telling himself in mid-May. “I mean, that is like what COVID is, right?”

    He tested for COVID-19. The result was negative.

    “But I was thinking, you know what, maybe it’s a bad test,” he remembered.

    He recounted the tale of his illness in the June 4 episode of his weekly anti-vaccine podcast, The Highwire. He had started as a middling television producer and made a second career spinning dangerous delusions that left thousands of children needlessly prey to potentially devastating illnesses. The effort turned particularly deadly for those of all ages during the pandemic.

    “I mean, what are the odds? I’m sitting here in the middle of the conversation of my lifetime and I’m having these, you know, symptoms that people are talking about,” he said. “And I’m worried about the spike protein.”

    He contacted “some doctor friends” to get “the Ivermectin protocol.” The FDA has approved use of the drug to treat head lice and some parasitic worms, but not COVID. The anti-vaxxers insist they know better, or at least until they try it.

    “I started that protocol and sort of ran that for the week,” he recalled. “It helped a little bit, [but] I wasn’t feeling that much better.”

    He in the meantime hit the road, taking his anti-vax message to Connecticut and Minnesota, placing others at risk of contracting the illness that now left him fearful even after a negative test. He was back home in Austin, Texas, by May 17.

    “I was really, really not feeling well at all at that point,” he recalled.

    Bigtree decided to see a cardiologist, who did some blood tests as well as checked his heart. He was getting to the point where he had trouble walking across a room, even just standing, when the cardiologist called.

    “Saying, ‘Del, you need to get to an emergency room immediately,’” Bigtree remembered.

    The cardiologist said Bigtree’s hemoglobin was alarmingly low. Hemoglobin being the protein in the blood that carries the oxygen from the lungs.

    “What am I going to do?” Bigtree said on the podcast. “Obviously, I need blood transfusions, which goes against so much of what I try to do with my health, taking other people’s blood.”

    He had a primary worry that only an anti-vaxxer could have.

    “Most importantly, I was thinking, ‘How the heck am I going to know whether or not the blood I’m getting that I need has been vaccinated?’” Bigtree recalled.

    Blood banks ask those who have received a live virus vaccine to wait two weeks before donating. But they express no concerns at all regarding those who have received MRNA vaccines such as Moderna and Pfizer. And no records are kept regarding what vaccines, if any, particular donors have received.

    The reason for this is that the blood of the vaccinated poses no added threat to recipients. Only unfounded fears to the contrary kept Bigtree from just getting a needed transfusion at the nearest facility.

    At least on this particular occasion, the only life Bigtree was immediately endangering was his own. The less forgiving among us would consider it only justice if he fell victim to the same illusions he fosters in others.

    He would have had no problem taking blood from his wife, who we can presume is unvaccinated. But it can take seven to 10 days to test the blood before it is cleared for transfusion.

    “So at that point, I just randomly reached out to a few of the functional medicine doctors… asking them if they had a clinic or some way that they could get me either direct transfusions from people I knew or some way to a blood bank that was tracking this information,” Bigtree recalled. “My favorite cancer doctor, really in the world, has a clinic, actually, a couple, one in Tijuana and one down in Cancun. And I reached out and told him my predicament.”

    Tell a prominent oncologist about a cancer clinic in Cancun with a branch in Tijuana and you are likely to see eyebrows rise.

    Bigtree reasoned that cancer surgeries would sometimes require blood transfusions.

    “Do you have access to a blood bank? Or a way that I could get unvaccinated blood?” Bigtree asked.

    A responsible physician would have told Bigtree to just go to the nearest hospital and stop risking his life unnecessarily. The doctor in Mexico called back within an hour.

    “If you can get to Cancun, we can get you transfusions with people that have not been vaccinated,” the doctor said, by Bigtree’s account.

    Some of Bigtree’s supporters arranged for a private plane to transport him to where there was no reason to go, But he was not at all sure he would survive the flight to Cancun without an initial transfusion. He and his wife enlisted the help of family friends, a couple who are both emergency room doctors.

    “[Their friends] had been working with the blood bank all day long and managed to get the blood bank to call every donor that had donated,” Bigtree said. “And they found one... one unit of blood.”

    That was on the night of May 20. Bigtree received the single unit, which gave him the same lift as safely as he would have received from the blood of a vaccinated person, without all the phone calls and drama. He was marginally better when the plane took off the next morning. His wife came along, administering oxygen.

    “All the way to Cancun,” Bigtree said. “Soon as I arrived, was greeted by the doctors from the hospital there.”

    He received a total of five transfusions, he said. The doctors sought to determine what was causing the problem in the first place.

    In the meantime, a guest host filled in on The Highwire, so as to keep the distortions and delusions flowing. Bigtree returned on June 4.

    “Del is back!” the podcast announced.

    Bigtree did not respond to a Daily Beast request for comment about his illness and subsequent account. One medical tale to which Bigtree seems to use the truth as home base was the upshot of his own.

    “We were running tests on everything, but what it ultimately appears to have come down to is really Occam’s razor, which is the simplest answer,” Bigtree said. “Here’s where it’s not exactly the greatest thing to have to share. But I’m going to be honest about it because I think it’s something that we all do. We all tend to live with chronic issues and things that we think aren’t that serious? And in this case, that’s what I was doing for the last two years.”

    For 15 months of that time, he had been perpetuating falsehoods about COVID and vaccines in the midst of a pandemic that has claimed more than 594,000 American lives. He had all the while been ignoring a private medical, seemingly minor problem of his own.

    “I was really not paying attention to a growing issue, which was internal hemorrhoids that were getting worse and worse,” he said. “And I was aware that there was bleeding taking place, as many people that suffer from those things do, but I just kept working and thinking I’ve never heard of someone dying from freaking hemorrhoids.”

    He went on, “I am here to report that the surgeon said that, you know, what was inside was horrific and really needed to be taken care of. And so I had a surgery to deal with that.”

    He added, “I’m sitting on my doughnut right now, in all total candor.”

    He was speaking with a frankness that would have been admirable were he not also energetically spreading deadly lies.

    Bigtree’s affliction might seem apt to those who refer to a professional anti-vaxxer with a certain vulgarism.

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    Anti-Vaxx Doctor Tells Ohio Legislature Vaccines Magnetize People in Off-the-Rails Hearing

    A hearing held by the Ohio state legislature on vaccination mandates took a turn for the worse Tuesday when a notorious anti-vaccine activist testified that vaccines magnetized recipients’ bodies. The Ohio legislature had solicited public comment on a bill prohibiting schools and businesses from requiring coronavirus vaccinations, and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who touts the long-debunked theory that vaccines cause autism and has campaigned against the coronavirus jab, took the opportunity to spout misinformation. She told the panel, “I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures all over the internet of people who have had these shots and now they’re magnetized. They can put a key on their forehead. It sticks. They can put spoons and forks all over them and they can stick, because now we think that there’s a metal piece to that. There’s been people who have long suspected that there’s been some sort of an interface, ‘yet to be defined’ interface, between what’s being injected in these shots and all of the 5G towers.” None of the available coronavirus vaccines magnetize skin, and none of the materials in them are part of cell towers, multiple doctors and medical experts told Reuters, which published a fact check earlier this month as the conspiracy theory gained steam.

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    Good lord. Is that Trump's mom? Between his UV light up the ass and her magnetizing the blood, we're going to be veritable cyborgs, but without the pesky immortality it entails.
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    Anti-Vaxx Nurse Spectacularly Fails to Prove Magnetism Conspiracy Theory in Ohio Hearing


    A conspiracy-mongering anti-vaxxer nurse attempted what seemed like a sleight of hand as she testified before the Ohio legislature Wednesday. She claimed that metal now stuck to her as a result of receiving the COVID vaccine, but metal items failed to cling to her. “I have a key and a bobby pin here. Explain to me why the key sticks to me,” she said. Video showed her resting a key on her chest and it staying in place. “It sticks to my neck too.” The key and the pin did not, however, fell off her neck as she attempted to hold them in place. “If somebody could explain this, that would be great,” she said, abandoning the demonstration.

    The Ohio legislature had solicited public comment on whether schools and businesses should be allowed to mandate vaccinations for students and employees. On Tuesday, notorious anti-vaxxer Dr. Sherri Tenpenny testified that COVID vaccines were lethal, would magnetize people, and were made of the same materials as 5G cell towers. All of her bonkers assertions have been previously, repeatedly debunked.

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    It is called cleavage, angle-of-attack to gravity, and sweat, you feckless cunt.

    Yo, it's SCIENCE!

    And by the way...Nowhere in any of those reads did I learn that she actually took the vaccine. So she took the vaccine and is NOT an anti-vaxxer, or is an anti-vaxxer that is a hypocrite, or...Just should go away because...

    She doesn't know...

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    A Masktards and vaxtard thread might crash the ET server it would be so huge.
    Difference being - instead of some hillbilly…you have arrogant corrupted $cientists, those who are supposed to be getting it right, getting it so wrong.
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    Let's see what the Unhinging Anti-vaxxers are trying to claim now...

    Anti-Vaxxers Are Blaming Christian Eriksen’s Collapse on the Vaccine
    There is one rather large problem with that theory, however

    Following a scary scene that saw Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen collapse onto the pitch and remain down for a extended period 42 minutes into Denmark’s match against Finland at the Euro 2020 tournament, anti-vaxxers took to the internet to blame the midfielder’s fall on the COVID-19 vaccine.

    The issue with that theory is that Eriksen, who was given life-saving cardiac massage treatment on the field and is now stable and awake in the hospital, is not vaccinated.

    “He didn’t have COVID and wasn’t vaccinated either,” Giuseppe Marotta, the director at Italian club Inter Milan (where Eriksen plays club football) told Rai Sport.

    That fact didn’t stop anti-vaxxers from attempting to use Eriksen’s scary situation to push their own agenda(s) about getting the jab to protect against COVID-19.

    Though he didn’t address his client having COVID-19 or getting vaccinated, Eriksen’s agent Martin Schoots did reveal how the 29-year-old soccer player is handling his recovery.

    “We spoke this morning. He joked. He was in a good mood, I found him fine,” he said. “We all want to understand what happened to him, he wants to do it too: the doctors are carrying out in-depth examinations, it will take time. He was happy because he understood how much love is around. Messages have come to him from all over the world. Christian doesn’t give up. He and his family want their thanks to everyone.”

    On a much more positive note, Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku (who plays alongside Eriksen at Inter Milan) delivered a heartfelt message to Eriksen after scoring the first goal in a win over Russia at the European Championship.

    After tallying a goal in the 10th minute of Belgium’s 3-0 victory over Russian, Lukaku went straight to a TV camera and said “Chris, Chris, I love you.”
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    Nothing more despicable than denying or covering up the many thousands of deaths caused by the vaxxxx.
    Myocarditis in athletes following COVAIDS infection was played up as a major story…turned out to be a dud.

    Whether Erikson was vaxxxxed or not is irrelevant.

    It brought forward the discussion that these ‘vaccines’ are directly causing myocarditis in young and healthy people. And that should be enough for them to be eliminated from consideration as safe and effective vaccines for young and healthy people.
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    And the above is an example of Unhinged Anti-Vaxxer Stupidity.

    Thanks for adding yet another example.
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    I have taken every single available vaccine with the exception of COVAIDS mRNA - and so have my children - explain how that makes me anti-vaccine?
    I studied virology and immunology in University for many years. I have an Honors degree and was valedictorian of my graduating class.

    Example of religious vaccine churchgoers who cannot think critically so they smear anyone who is bringing attention to the danger and damage caused by these ‘vaccines’ as an anti-vaxxer.
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