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  1. life time no brainer buy here
    8k shares filled, at $12.75
    check back in one month


    The same bunch of pessimists who sold SP500 at 666 are selling UNG now
  2. CET


    You are at the mercy of the front month contract. Higher winter prices are already priced in the futures, so UNG may or may not move. Time will tell how your bet pays off.
  3. nice trade.. i am long as well.. take a few years for the UNG to break above 27.
    You can put that money to work faster in something else like uso if and when it drops again
  4. Just for the sake of a better investment in my opinion, let's take the $102,000 of money that 8,000 shares of UNG represents and put it in these.

    $34,000= 1,589 shares of CHK $21.40

    $34,000= 1,433 shares of HK at $23.72

    $34,000= 1,003 shares of STR at $33.88

    These will trade with a bull market in natty, AND collect the forward curve. UNG loses on contango and will not make a cent in the major spread between Sep and Jan.

    We will compare these investments on your timetable.
  5. You read too many blogs. When USO traded at $23, the whole world shorted this dog like no tomorrow. Within 3 months, almost DOUBLED. Tell me why the heck???

  6. You know what. Your idea sounds great. But Goldman sucks may not agree. Tomorrow, its ANAL-ysts jump out from nowhere and my account suddenly drops to spx 666 level. What the f*k!!!

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    I am with Papa Roach on this one. If you are natty bullish, buy the stocks most levered to it.
    With the prices of the futures today, NG will have to go up more than 60% by January for you to break even on UNG.
    by comparison, USO is contangoed less than 10%.
    good luck, either way
  8. hymm seems it didn't take 60% MOVE AFTERALL!! UNG RALLYING NICELY
  9. UNG back down to 12.49
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