UNG LEAPS Question

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  1. Not sure if this belongs in here or options or commodities but anyway, I own some still-long dated UNG LEAPS puts that have moved in the money (thank you, thank you) and are now profitable. Should I take the profits? Or will this unleveraged ETF, or rather its underlying, display decaying aspects (roll yield, beta slippage) that make it a hold, at least until a reverse split and even if there are bumps upward in the price of natural gas. How closely does it track natty gas, in other words. Hope all that makes sense. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bum


    UNG vs. Nat. Gas Futures continuous contract
    Daily & Weekly

    UNG...daily.png UNG...weekly.png
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  3. TKS. Who do you use for charting? If it's easy, got a similar VIX UVXY?