Unforeseen trading problem, other people hate success

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  1. I admired successful traders, I wanted to know what they know

    But I find as soon as people hear you are making money of the market, you become a lot less liked

    next thing you know, no invitation to BBQs etc

    there are plenty of people I hated: religious fanatics both christian and muslim, evil folks like Saddam and Bush

    but I never hated successful traders,

    that just doesn't make sense :confused: :confused:
  2. 1. traders love volatility
    2. the volatility is best when the market drops 40%/year
    3. for some reason this happens to be the same year when the majority of non-traders lose their asss
  3. I doubt that's something you'll have to worry about for a while yet, if ever :p

    If you're not getting invitations to BBQ's it's probably because of something more obvious.....
  4. you might be right

    maybe they don't like the truth

    JUST LIKE YOU onada FX trader who doesn't want to touch IB FX futures or IB SPOT

    maybe they are like you :cool:
  5. They r just jealous because they have settled for mediocrity whereas u r striving for something more.

    If people don't like u because u r doing well, then they are not worth having as friends.

    Being around positive and sucessful people promotes success.
  6. indeed
  7. I know all that but what I am saying is how come people don't recognize their faulty thinking

    it is 2009 after all :)

    its not the 50s
  8. Maybe your success makes them feel like a failure (society is really competitive). Like how people compare themselves with someone doing bad and it makes them feel better, should work the same visa versa.

    Or It could be learned from their parents or somewhere through their childhood. I.e. damn rich people, damn rich jews.

    Or people r just taking the easy way out. Instead of wanting to learn why u have been sucessful and how they can change instead they just pass u off as some lucky asshole. similiar to first reason in a way.

    just speculating here, but thats what i usually do.
  9. yup we have a winner
  10. maybe just maybe

    I don't get invited to BBQs because I keep bringing human flesh to be roasted and I keep saying how good it is


    I don't know :confused:
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