Unfair Timber Hill charge for IB-unbundled pricing

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by ggoom, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. I have submitted a complaint to the moderator in regard to stock777's posting, which personally attacks and insults people, and contributes nothing whatsoever in regard to the topic of the thread.
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  2. Actually, I agree that with stock777...
    Most people complaining about IB are deadbeats.

    My experience...
    I make 30,000 trades Listed NYSE trades/year through SMART...
    And by sheer error, multiple accounts, etc...
    I hit my own bid about 20-30 times/year.

    To be absolutely clear...
    I very occasionally buy/sell the stock from myself in different IB accounts through SMART.

    You might think IB might just cross it via TMBR...
    But no...
    ** Every single one ** of these trades has printed NYSE.


    :cool: :cool: :cool:

    PS: Please keep scanning the horizon for UFOs... and keep us posted.
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  3. I would like to see an intelligent discussion of this thread's topic, but I guess that won't be possible. It won't be possible because a very small number of people are engaging in childish and primitive insults and namecalling, without providing information of any relevance to the thread topic.

    The person who started this thread should write a private message to EliteTrader's owner, Baron, complaining about the disruption of the thread by off-topic personal insults. It is Baron's policy that the person who starts a thread has a responsibility to police the thread for inappropriate behaviour, and to bring it to the attention of the moderators when it occurs.
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  4. Baron and the moderators also pay attention when they get complaints from other members, so I think it would be helpful if other people, in addition to the starter of this thread, also complain to them. Anybody who wants to see an intelligent discussion, of this thread's topic, should complain about the childish and irrelevant personal insults and attacks in this thread. Anybody who wants to see intelligent discussions on Elitetrader, of any kind, should also complain.

    I think its time that people who want intelligent debate put their collective foot down, and demand that childish off-topic insults no longer be permitted to derail intelligent debates on Elitetrader. We should demand that people who do this sort of thing be banned from this website.

    Baron will listen if people complain. Baron banned an extremely abusive and disruptive member, called Apex Capital, because people kept complaining. Let's keep on complaining until ET gets cleaned up and we can have more in the way of intelligent debates.
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  5. RedManPlus, only great traders hit thier own bids, I know this for a fact. It means they are truly oblivious, which is a requirement for profit.

    As for my hysterical critic.

    Look, there's been a rash of posts complaining about all sorts of things at IB, which mostly are about nothing, or isolated matters. The one regarding floor traded contracts was legit, but handled very poorly online here by the 'offended' party.

    Pal, this is the internet. If you can't take the heat, move on. We understand.
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  6. Jimrockford, you are 100% right.

    With other retail firms, you can discuss the pro's and con's openly and get the support and assistance of others--but for some reason not with IB; if you mention a problem or abuse about IB, you suddenly get a whole team of people trying to tackle you instead of helping you; and if you survive these thugs, it's only after 30-40 pages of mostly deviations, with the deviation factor ultimately causing the thread to get closed down without your problem being solved--incidentally, these IB PR volunteers think they are helping IB, and instead bring the issue to the top of the Google searches. In short, IB loses, the person with the problem loses out, and other IB customers remain vulnerable.

    P.s. My thread regarding liquidation was: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=63810&highlight=liquidation. In correcting a position size problem in my partner's account, IB caused a margin problem which led to further liquidations. That was NEVER related to thanks to the deviators. Now there is no assurance to other IB customers.

    P.P.S. In the wake of my thread, Jimrockford sent IB a PM suggesting to them how to improve their liquidation algorithm; he talked because he had something worthwhile to say and may have helped other IB customers. It is not for naught that we were born with two ears and only one mouth.
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  7. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showt...highlight=market+making+expertise#post1011427

    "market making expertise" has me wondering about this too..... (i.e. what does a broker need market making expertise for ?? order routing etc yes but market making expertise???)

    Am cofused and perhaps IB can chime in here and tells us a bit more.


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  8. zdreg


    IB and everyone wins because the process towards resolution is brought to light. the problem is being handled by an expert or is directed to the right people and the unreasonableness and lack of professionalism of some posters page by page is exposed.
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  9. There is nothing more unprofessional then not talking to the point.

    The "expert" saw it was not necessary to handle my partner's problem because of all the deviations, and therefore didn't; they did not pay, and did not even feel they had to offer an explanation. Plus they know they have the support of all the thugs to "handle" leftover PR work on the topic at no cost to them.
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  10. zdreg


    the bottom line issue is how to contact the
    person who can resolve the issue.
    people at the bottom of the totem pole don't understand the problem and because of ineptness/ego problems are unwilling to push the issue to a higher level where it may be resolved.
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