Unethical but True, Transact does it

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  1. Abusing the intellectual property of others at the cost of jeopardizing own customer's interest and causing them substantial losses.
    Unbelievable but true, just see the attached screen captures and you be the judge.
    The loophole is, copy the Dome invention without paying a Cent to the inventors and get away with it by just cheating your own customers! As in when they place their mouse over the price column have the only piece of vital information to a trade disappear which is the price itself!!! The poor users only find out their market orders have converted to Stop Limit Prices.
    Just imagine the rage and the disappointment resulting from such error being forced on you, because Transact refuses to pay royalty at your COST!
    Let them know, abusing legal loopholes to get around copy right protection is not something you support!
  2. nice screen shots,

    must have been on a Vista platform?

    interesting claim against broker....

  3. I though that was the way it supposed to work :) ... I am running in XP and I get the same problem.

    If you put the mouse on top of the size, they disappear.
  4. It is done by design to avoid paying royalty to Ninja Trader.... at the cost of robbing the users of the most important feature of a Dome!
    What good is a Dome without this feature???!!!
  5. Its Trading Technologies that sues everyone who offers something that looks like a DOM, Ninjatrader pays them as well as far as i know. Their latest victim is eSpeed, according to their website.
  6. You realy do have anger management issues. It is clear this is consuming you and your life. Do yourself a favor seek help.

    And you still cant get your facts clear. Its TT not Ninja. You just make yourself look more and more foolish.

    Plus, I do not think it is possible to enter a market order from the ladder.
  7. I agree just close your account if you don't like them. There are plenty of future brokers out there to choose from....
  8. Thats part of his problem. They closed the account for him. From his posts here I am not shocked.
  9. Same attack DOGS different cover (alias):D
    You see not everyone has a vested interest in the scams you people are involved in, the purpose of this forum is to inform others about the Good(head ups), the Bad(Transact) and the Ugly(yourselves)!
    Does it make TA a better, more honest and ethical Broker if they CHEAT TT rather than NT?
    Go find a descent life dude and stop scamming...
    how about naming just couple of excellent features that TA has which others don't rather than shooting your cheer leader mouth off to mislead the audience. Don't you have any shame? Did I disclosed wrong, misleading or false information or fats that upsets you so much or is it the truth you can't handle?
    As for closing my account? They don't have the balls to confess and confirm it and that is exactly what I'm waiting for... :)
  10. If they would in fact be infringing any TT patents, you can be absolutely sure they would have gone to court by now (like they did a dozen times earlier). Calm down..
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