Unethical Behavior on This Board

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  1. I believe that giving direct financial advice to individuals on a chat room board is both unethical and illegal.

    It is one thing to shoot the breeze with fellow knowledgeable investors , but when abviously naive individuals show up with serious financial problems the bullshitters on this board should have enough sense to pass and refer them to a legally qualified individual.

    I don't believe anyone on this board holds a series 7, series 65 or has a CFA or CFP or any other designation that would qualify him to give financial advice.

    Even if they did, it would be required to give the person a disclosure to read and sign before giving such advice.

    That the local gurus blithly ignore these issues and spout off advice from the top of their heads is really, really reprehensible... and could shut this board down.
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    The vast majority of series 7, 65, CFA's, CFP's or CTA's, can't beat the S&P500. So who gives a phuck
  3. ..."So who gives a phuck"

    The SEC.... and me

    What makes you think anybody on this board CAN beat the S&P 500?? Because they say so??

    And are you really so crude??
  4. at least i beat S&P500 YTD.

    I dont have any licenses, and I dont BS anyway. Yes but i do agree the majority are bs...

    The real guys signed forms not to talk or divulge any of there firms secrets out. Else they will be sued.
  5. "The real guys signed forms not to talk or divulge any of there firms secrets out. Else they will be sued."

    The SEC requires that financial advisors give clients disclosure forms that reveal the qualifications of the advisor, the corporate relationships and any conflicts of interest.
  6. Well this is a forum. Anything we speak may be regarded as advisory, but we didnt solicit u into putting money into the ideas here.

    Its up to ur own discretion to believe so.

    If u talked abt the BS guys... yes these guys trade their own acct their usually dun hv any secrets :p
  7. According to DanShirley, it's ok for posters to voluntarily come to this option forum, and ask questions and engage in discussions about option related issues and trades.
    But it's NOT ok for anyone to reply.
    In fact, he thinks it's illegal.

    Dan, i think it's time for you to go back to your make believe "Conservative Option Trade" forum, and publish more pretty pictures of big buildings.

    BTW, did those companies give you specific legal permission to post pictures of their buildings on this website???
    How do we know you didn't illegally alter any of those images?
    How do we know those are current 2012 pictures, and not older misleading pictures, that the companies might NOT appreciate you sharing with the world, without their legal written permission?
    Most of the pictures you post of those publically traded companies buildings, don't even have the companies name on it.
    Who are YOU, that we are suppose to believe that what YOU say are their nameless buildings are in fact their buildings?
    Are you nuts? Are you insane! Are you out of your mind!
    Did you check with an attorney before doing so?
  8. Can you post the link to that forum Put_Master ?? I need ta decorate the plain white walls in my new house with pictures of buildings hahaha.
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    Who cares bro, the whole industry is rotten to the bone anyway. If you think a series 7 or CFA somehow makes a difference morally you're dead on wrong. These people will make advise according to how much money they can make from that advise, period. Forums on the other hand work like a gift economy. And there are plenty of individuals on here that are full of knowledge.
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    Gotta be someone with a fake account just screwing with people.
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