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  1. Apparently it looks like our business isn't making enough money, so we had a "meeting" today about when to close up. Looks like I'll be going on unemployment if I cannot find another job in 30 days.

    So, I'm just curious if anyone in here has ever collected unemployment and for how long? I'm not really worried since I have money in the bank and I could survive for at least a year (with Ramen noodles, cheap hookers and domestic beer).

    Looks like I'll get more spare time to moderate!
  2. The States determine eligibility and term and amount of benefits. It depends on where you live. (I am pretty sure it's a federal program, but it is administered by the state you live in. Pretty confusing).

    There may be a waiting period. So if your place of business closes down, you may want to file right away rather than wait the 30 days.

    Good luck, and I hope you don't need the benefits. But you did pay into the system, so if you need it, it is your money to take.

  3. Hopefully I won't have to rely on it but it is nice to know that it is there as a last resort. Thanks!
  4. Years ago my employer underwent a "reduction in force," thousands of us were suddenly out of work, and so I applied and received unemployment assistance for a couple of months.

    I forget the exact formula but basically it pays a percentage of your previous salary up to a maximum amount. In Arizona it was $205 per week. Wasn't much but better than nothing.

    Like Error404 said, you pay into it so you might as well receive from it if you can. Just take the money -wouldn't you stop to pick up a few hundred dollar bills if you saw them lying on the street? If nothing else, it may provide an upgrade in your hooker services and permit you to imbibe beer of superior quality than Keystone. :)

    I wish you the best in securing another job.
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    If you have been working as a full-time employee in the last six months, your employers should have been paying the unemployment insurance for you. After 911, if you have exhausted six months unemployment benefits, you can get another three months from the Federal government.

    In both cases, you need to apply via telephone or Internet to the Labor Department of the state where you have been working. For example, if you a New Jersey resident, but work at New York City, you need to contact the Labor Department at New York City.

    Good Luck.

  6. which Burger King is closing??