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  1. LOL.

    Only fools would believe the unemployment numbers are getting better. People are falling off the Unemployment rolls...that is it. Period!

    Italy is falling apart, their bond yields are rising and they are going to put massive pressure on the world banks.

    Spain, about to get hit hard. ECB has to float bad debt after bad debt.

    Shit is gona get ugly.
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    Precisely. Government numbers are complete bullshit. I know a shit load of people who went back to get their masters after being laid off only to find it didn't do a damn bit of good. Others went to nursing school, radiation tech school, phlebotomy, etc....after all, health care is still hiring, right? Nope. All unemployed.

    The 40-something crowd (and probably 50-something too) is applying for "entry level" jobs in new fields where they've updated their skills only to find....yep! No jobs.