Unemployment to 8.5%- Republican Congress already fixing economy

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  1. Obama complains nothing is getting passed in Congress. The only fundamental change in the last year has been the House going Republican.
    The tone in Washington is less spending. This is the big change. It is helping the confidence of private business that the Government won't be taking their money.

    Is there anything Obama has done in the last 12 months that would have caused this uptick in employment?

    Just like 1994 with Clinton when Republicans take over the house, source of spending, business responds knowing that the Government is less likely to steal money from the private sector.

    This is why in 2006 when the Democrats took over the House spending went way up and the economy tanked.

    It is control of the house that is the pulse of the economy and Government intrusion into it.....He who controls the money......
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    LOL, too perfect. You can't make this shit up!


    That's the thread right above yours at this moment. LMAO.

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    Tsing Tao

    The Republican congress is neither fixing anything, nor is unemployment being fixed by anyone. Must I honestly get into a discussion why the data is so incorrect again??
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    Agree, the republican congress isn't fixing anything. I'm not aware of any jobs legislation advanced by either side. Both sides of the aisle are equally useless and all of them are more interested in personal enrichment and earmarks for their cronies.

    If an rogue house-sized meteor flew into our atmosphere and hit the capitol building squarely with congress in session vaporizing every member it would not be a catastrophe but would hugely benefit our country.

    They aren't just doing nothing, they are doing harm.

    I'm frustrated because I'm starting to perceive that the general election isn't going to offer any real potential for change. One candidate is grey and the other only a slightly different shade of grey. More and more I'm starting to blame the media.
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    Hmmm...maybe they should be hung for treason along with most of our career politicians.
  6. This thread is not so much about if the numbers are real, of course they are fabricated.

    It is a political angle.
    The headlines today all talk about how Obama is turning this around.

    Obama has boosted that the obstructionist Congress has done nothing except stop everything Obama wants.
    So when Obama had Congress in his favor and passing his bills we saw jobs lost and when Congress stops everything Obama does then allegedly jobs come back.

    The Republicans should make this their talking points.
  7. Yep, talking points, that's it, nothing more. When 2 sides take credit for something neither was really responsible for, pretty sad. We all know that the congress has been stuck in neutral. We know the republicans want nothing other than defeating Obama, and we now see that Obama may finally show some cajones and fight back a bit. Probably a bit late. But, who else can take the Presidency from him?

    I know some of you hate what you think Obama stands for, or just hate him for some reason or another, and would prefer the monkey in a tie or whatever, but you serious folks, on the right, are having some trouble, which you have to admit. I honestly think Jeb Bush, or Ron Paul are the only ones at this point who could bet Obama.

  8. It is a cynical world.

    All day I see stories about Obama and the US on the right track. Obama did nothing to make anything happen.
    The tea party Republicans after months of being blamed for stopping the Obama policies should take this fake jobs recover and take the credit.
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    So you were just kidding when you started this thread, there is no "republican congress already fixing economy"?
  10. Well, the teaparty republicans have pretty much faded into the sunset. Their elected guys have simply ignored them after being elected. Now, whatever may be left of the TP has to decide if they have anyone at all to support.

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