Unemployment Rises in Every State

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  1. State unemployment rates increased across the country in December, according to a Labor Department report released Tuesday that underscores how the recession has spared few industries or regions.

    Joblessness was worst in the West and Midwest, indicating that the industries hit first by the recession -- housing and manufacturing -- continue to lose jobs. But Northeastern states, which have a heavy concentration of finance jobs, also saw a steep rise in unemployment, as did Southern economies, which for most of last year had been buffered by high gas and oil prices.

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    Massachusetts went from 4-7% in one year.

    We had plenty of layoffs: companies closing/moving plants, others laying off a bit here and there or not hiring, etc.

    With announcement coming I believe it was today of town/city funding being cut (who loses what), more city worker layoffs will eventually happen 1,000 in the state are predicted)...this is also the case I'll bet in most other states who are facing severe budget shortages this and next fiscal year.

    9-10% unemployment in the US by the end of this year is on track...here it should be 'round the same....

    There's a job fair on Thursday; I may swing by for kicks just to see how packed it is and who actually is there as an employer. Of course many of those, especially now are virtually jokes.
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