Unemployment numbers on Friday!!!

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    Estimates are for a gain of 190k-220k

    Last Month Mark Zandi made a prediction saying February payroll numbers will be north of 250,000-300,000!!!!!

    Going to be interesting to see where these numbers come in at since the last couple of months the job numbers have totally missed every expectation!
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    After hearing the hype about tomorrows numbers I have come to the conclusion that it will NOT matter what the number is the market will probably move higher. Job numbers have missed the estimates a couple of times and each time the market has moved higher, I dont see any difference in tomorrows numbers if they miss. This is how it goes:

    1. A total miss, well thats great for wallstreet because Bubble ben bernanke will keep his easy money policies in place and probably come up with an excuse for QE3 in the next 3 weeks!!!!!

    2. In line or just below, markets will lift off because the number came in as expected and will mean the recovery is well on its way where the monthly job numbers will now push 150-300k+

    3. Above the Estimate, well this is just going to lead to another 2%+ rally because this number would suggest a recovery is happening at this very second and it only means a huge recovery over the next 2 years as jobs become plentiful again!!!!

    So bulls can sleep well and not even worry about the job number being -78,000 or +218000, everything is will be perfect for another rally going into tomorrow!!!!
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    Expect a Very Strong Jobs Report For February: Gross
    Reuters | March 03, 2011 | 05:11 PM EST

    Friday's jobs report for the month of February should be very strong and show continued growth in employment, Bill Gross, co-chief investment officer of PIMCO, the world's biggest bond fund manager, told CNBC Thursday.

    "With the Federal Reserve forecast of 3-4 percent real (economic) growth, that suggests a monthly (employment) number somewhere in the 200,000 category," said Gross. "We should expect that kind of number through the next 6-12 months."

    Gross said that the Fed's quantitative easing program—the buying of U.S. treasuries—along with the low interest rates was helping the economy as far as jobs were concerned.

    As for the Fed's so called QE2 program that stops at the end of June, Gross said that void must be filled.

    "Common sense tells me that someone has to fill up the space," Gross went on to say. "The Fed has been buying upwards of a trillion and a half on an annualized basis of securities and $7-8 billion worth of treasuries. That's a lot of securities that have been bought up."

    Gross, who oversees $1.2 trillion of assets at the Newport Beach, Calif.-based, investment management firm, said the housing market is still suffering from too many homes being built and that it would take 12-18 months for that inventory to be bought up.