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  2. Whats most interesting was there was only 1 county in all the united states that kept unemployment at 1.9% or less. That was Slope County, North Dakota.

    Its a small county but doing more research, i found that out of the population of 767 people that live there, 765 of them are white. Its the highest percentage of white population anywhere in the country. The two people that live there that are not white, 1 is native american and 1 is hispanic.

    I wonder if having more whites in your community makes you less prone to economic disaster. I mean...could it really be a coincidence that the highest percentage of whites in a county also has the lowest percentage of unemployment just by chance?
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    you are a racist.

    If you had an IQ above 80 you would understand your "math".
  4. Oh look at that...another obvious obama supporter crying racist. If you say anything about a person that isnt white that happens to be true and its negative, you are labeled a racist by ignorant people like you.

    What i said was not racist you asshole. Now if i said "the reason that community has low unemployment is cause theres no niggers there" THEN i would be racist.
  5. This doesn't have to be racist. Maybe there's something this predominantly white county is doing, that can be shared with other communities. Perhaps there's more stability in some sense. If they could bottle it, lot's of other people could benefit
  6. i have to agree with peil on this . he is not racist. he just made an observation.

    some might say the reason unemployment is lower in white communities is because people do not give other races the same opportunities that they do their own race. they argue minorities are persecuted segregated by other races thus unemployment is high due to lack of integration.

    you have jumped to the conclusion that peil assumes low unemployment in white communities makes out they are more hard working to other races. he could have meant that elsewhere people of other races are not given jobs through segregation.

    you assume without evidence.
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    Yikes-its spooky to watch the progression through the years :(
  8. The scary part was the progression - yikes! Like a blackout occurring in a big city. The darkness engulfs the nation.

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    Then go back to Europe - nothern Europe where there is no darkness - after all these lands here rightfully belongs to one of those who you despise and was taken by force in the fisrt place-
  10. it was more like a bruise moving from coasts in or a virus.
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