Unemployment levels before civil war?

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  1. Just curious I wonder at what point will the % of unemployed need to reach before a uprising happens. Similar to what killed other nations in the past.

    I see lots of parallels between the US and the Ottoman Turk/Roman etc.. empire.
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    For whites...or blacks?
  3. IIRC, it historically has been TAXES that killed nations/empires. Rome collapsed when the people in the western regions got sick of ~50% taxes and stopped paying taxes. I do not think that there has been a nation/state that has lasted very long after making the average person pay 50% or more in taxes.

  4. but Uk is going to 50% next yr
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    Never happen, They didn't have welfare or UE benefits. Hell, you can collect up to $900/week in MA.....for 90 weeks.
  6. As long as checks get handed out to the unemployed. I think the center will hold together.

    Why do you think they keep extending Unemployment.