Unemployment is now at 9.1% and thats what they will report on Friday

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  1. I want to blow the whistle right here on ET. A few days ago the President met with Warren Buffet and a few other big Wall St investors in a private meeting. The President informed them the numbers on Friday will be at 9.1%. As a result the market sold off on Tuesday.

    Unemployment is not decreasing, it is now increasing and those who bought into the last report, we call them suckers, will see their holdings disappear. Meanwhile, the big money cashed out on Tuesday leaving the ordinary trader and investor flapping in the wind as the market falls.

    This is why Warren is so happy. He has the information ahead of time and so he doesnt sit on pins and needles like the rest of us do. Who knows, maybe BAC will be given another big bailout before the current administration is done making Warren whole.
  2. Why do you think 1% control the majority of the asset pool? It's because they play fair.

    Also, when you have the money, it's easy to make connections. It's plain as day how buddy buddy our government is with wall street...
  3. does et breed conspiricy nuts?
  4. and you know this how?
    keep in mind that if this is true, you have contravened the official secrets act and the maximum that can be imposed is the death penalty.
  5. 1. Unemployment has not been decreasing in any meaningful way. Just the available labor force has decreased resulting in what looks like a decrease in unemployment.

    2. The number won't be a bad number, if it looks bad the BLS will fix season adjustment and make it a good number.

    The market is completely and utterly rigged not different than Greece.

    No inflation???? Ya, sure thing Ben.

    You don't like the outcome? Well, you change the rules of the game to get the desired results.

  6. And the source of your information is...?

    Oh wait, nvm, you were there yourself. My bad.
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    Doesn't matter to the stock market;

    If number is good rally will continue(everything is awesome :D )
    If number is bad rally will continue(QE expected :D :D :D )
  9. I don't know, but it sure breeds posters who type and think like freeloading, stoned-out tweenagers.
  10. lol and you're risking your 5-post rep on this revelation? So when the number comes out under 9.1 you can simply disappear? I'm more interested to know about your other ET handles.
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