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  1. Hello. How do you think increasing unemployment% in the next bear market will affect the 'robustness' of the US economy?

    main questions @ hand:

    - will unemployment% affect housing market, and to what degree

    - will unemployed be able to make next month's mortgage payment? if not, will liquidations of homes at the market depress relative valuations of neighboring homes? if so, will that affect those that relied to heavily on home-equity extraction for credit? and will this cause a domino effect?

    - how will unemployed transition into other sectors? previously, they ran back to school to get their MBA or real estate licenses. with today's overcapacity of entrylevel MBAs and the real estate market icy, where can they turn to next?

    I think that the low unemployment% is what is holding up housing, and of course the general economy. So I think that it is crucial to understand these questions at hand.
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