Unemployment benefits extension clears hurdle

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    Another $30+ Billion being printed as we speak!!!!

    Unemployment benefits extension clears hurdle

    By ANDREW TAYLOR (AP) – 14 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON — A bill to restore unemployment benefits to millions who have been out of work for more than six months has cleared a Senate hurdle.

    The 60-40 vote came moments after Carte Goodwin, a successor to West Virginia Democrat Robert Byrd, was sworn in. Goodwin was the crucial 60th senator to defeat a Republican filibuster that has led to a lapse in benefits for 2.5 million people.

    A battle has raged for months over whether jobless benefits should be financed with additional federal debt as Democrats want or through cuts to other government programs as most Republicans insist.

    After a final Senate vote, the House will take up the bill Wednesday. President Barack Obama is likely to sign it into law by week's end.
  2. I need to get a job and get FIRED!
  3. TGregg


    Woo hoo! Money for nothin'! Just gotta work on that whole "chicks for free" part.

    Only suckers work for a living in this country.
  4. You've got plenty of time. There will be many more extensions... won't be long before they begin to look like a permanent benefit.
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    Curious how none of the stories seem to mention just how long this has been extended. Back to 99 weeks? Two more years? What are we looking at here?
  6. Last I heard, this extension is to 126 weeks.
  7. S2007S


    Im a bit confused by it as well, I know of a few people who went back to work then were laid off again only to refile their claim and get only the original 26 weeks paid by the state they are in.

    I think the 99 weeks are only for people out since 2008, they are the ones "benefiting" the most from these extensions. I believe you only get the standard 26 week unemployment benefits if you were laid off later than November 2009, anything prior to November 2009 and you get more weeks depending on how long you have been out of work for, there are certain tiers that they go by. Someone laid off today is not going to receive the full 99 weeks, only those laid off since 2008.
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    JFC. Two and a half years. And when that gets close, why bother trying to get a job, another extension is just around the corner. 99 40 hour weeks is almost four thousand hours.

    Man, I have news for all you deadbeats. If you've been sitting on your ass for two years, a lot of employers will consider you a lazy SoB and expect you will continue to sit on your ass doing nothing after they hire you. Might as well vote democrat and keep the extensions flowing, `cuz you know that life is going to seriously suck when it all ends.
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    i think that has already happened,wait til ss and medicare runout,do we support the war and the corporations ,banks, or the people on the street, solient green
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    You see the problem is a person making $50K does not want to work $10/hour jobs and fear that he/she might get trapped in that. So government is coddling them with extension of the benefits hoping that 6 months down the road economy will be able to accomodate them in regular $50K jobs.

    On the other side, this $30B is another stimulus because as soon as these recipients get their checks they will spend it and put the money back to work in the economy............. all the while without big social unrest and another big wave of foreclosures and bankruptcies.

    The question is how many stimulus after stimulus can the US economy sustain before it becomes a game of 'printing dollars against the clock'. :confused:
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