Unemployed workers will now make more staying home than working.

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    Amun Ra

    The Stimulus bill is planning to give $600 per week unemployment on top of what states already give. This means someone that was making minimum wage earning $290 per week before they were laid off, will now be making somewhere between $800-$1000 per week. Quite the pay raise.

    Of course we know these people will have every reason to stay on unemployment as long as possible (4 months I believe) which will end making employers raise wages with a shortage of workers. And there will be a shortage of workers as all those minimum wage workers with their "new found wealth" will be out spending and enjoying themselves for once.

    It's going to be hard to go back to the farm now that they've seen Paris.
  2. Politicians are dumb. This is why means based testing is stupid. Give a flat number to everyone and move the fuck on.
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  3. Yeah, no more value-meals for you. You can super size.

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    this power exists only at the lower bound. the q is do you want that? maybe. but its not the literal point of it,
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    Great. The new slogan can be “ make america the ghetto again “.
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    risk reward is key. its unlikely to motivate anything positive obviously so i think probably be a robust expert if heading down this channel
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    imagine if through the evolutionary process the tradeoff was 600 or people do nothing, that was actually the tradeoff. it was that simple literally. its the globalism again confusing people.
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    Juan Peron Leftist Dictator of Argentina in the 1950's, would be proud of the US congress for passing this bill. Of course, he left the country in ruins with hyperinflation, but the scaleless lower middle class worker, particularly government and union workers, adored him to the end.
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  9. Exactly.
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    And who's gonna pay for it? You and I, with higher income taxes.
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