Unemployed on Wall St? Try the other B-School...

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by turkeyneck, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. bar tending will help but it will not pay for those big mortgages and big NYC bills....
  2. People need to move out of overpriced New York.
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    That's retarded, have these idiots even bothered to check what is going on to the bar & restaurant industry?
  4. Being a bartender is a job that most people on elitetrader or at a financial institution would never get. You need to have a good look, a good personality and encourage the crowd to drink. You have to be able to push the drinks and keep them coming back night after night. A bartender also has to actually work performing manual tasks such as cleaning up after everyone. Its a responsible job not for the lazy...not for the social outcasts...not for those who are easily overwhelmed. You have to be business minded and able to manage the operations while the owner is gone. The bartender is usually the one in charge and there is no other on-site management.

    I cant see very many on this site ever getting such a job.
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    LOL why, so you might finally be able to afford it?

    Just j/k but you have to consider that it's even worse in the rest of USA.
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    Enough of the trolling, you know nothing of the business.