Unemployed, No Income and I Owe Tax

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  1. I just figured out how this deal works Thursday.

    If I am unemployed and have no income, and can't afford health insurance, when I file I will still owe a tax. Not too bad the first year, only $90, but after ten years about $800.

    Is that right? Surely, there will bo some kind of subsidy for me, right?

    I don't even ever plan on going to a hospital unless I am involved in some kind of bad accident and they force me to.

    It just seems like I am pretty poor and already struggling and they are hitting me a little hard.

    Maybe someday they will come up with an affordable health plan for poor people.

    but off topic, If I was Obama's campaign advisor, the day he got elected I would say, "Look, who is most likely to run against you in 2012? Mitt Romney. Do you want to sit here trying to make friends with GS, while he comes on the scene talking all about how he delivered health care for Mass?"
  2. if you had no income you would be forced to get on medicaid which is poor peoples fully government subsidized insurance.

    welcome to the new world. :cool:
  3. Is this a joke? Maybe you don't post like a master, but most around here do.

    Get a !@!@ing job and stop complaining.
  4. There's the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit. If you have some earned income, but not very much, you get about 2k as a refundable credit. Lots of stuff that will disqualify you from getting it though, like almost any amount of investment income.
  5. There is. It's called "Medical care from the 1950's".

    Unless we as a society think that giving some poor person the latest and greatest medical treatment is somehow going to magically transform them into a productive member of society, it's a waste of time and resources, unless they are being used as guinea pigs for new treatments.
  6. I'm a single male over the minimum age and below the maximum age and can't qualify for Medicaid in my state and don't have the werewithall to move to a state where I do qualify.

    Keep in mind, I'm not looking for a free hand out and have no intention of going to the doctor, I'm just trying to avoid the tax due to the fact that I have fallen on hard times.
  7. no, I have no income, I don't qualify for the earned income tax credit. Would be nice if I did, then they could just take it out of my refund. I do however get food stamps. I have no cash to pay the tax, but if they would take it out of my food stamps that would be a great help.
  8. I had a &*^%$#@!) job and quckly realized that my supervisors and all my fellow employees were dumbshits like you, and that is not my style.

    I am a tit sucking parasite and proud of it.

    Just remember, before you get off your high horse to fight us, make sure there are more of you than there are of us.
  9. yes, I agree, you post like a master
  10. zdreg


    you are right. obama figured out the numbers. that is why he is trying to double the number of people on food stamps. roman circus and argentina is where the US is headed


    "I am a tit sucking parasite and proud of it."

    I am willing to bet that there is at least one woman out there who will agree with you 100%.
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