Unemployed and trading

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  1. Down to my last $20,141.47. That's what I took out after taxes from my 401k (which lost $10,512.14 since 2007) after losing my job. Put the funds into Scottrade account, and I started looking for some good advisory service to help build this up. I figure I can live with a trading income of $40,000 a year. I signed up for margin, so it does look like I have $40,000 in buying power.

    Anyways, ykoptions com was of interest after reading some of the post in elitetrader.com. I went on their trade center page, and their trade of the week on Sunday was BBY. I bought 500 shares BBY at $33.82 and so far I still have it with the shares now at $37.00. Thank goodness I'm showing profit of $1,590.

    I'll use this as my upkeep on how I'm doing. Not sure about their buy and hold trade of CEO. That one is just to low in volume for me.
  2. what you really mean to say is, you are trying to shill for this site, and bury it within verbiage to make it look like you are not

    there are two mentions of that site. Nothing said about it makes it look interesting enough for someone to come on with their first post, and make it their life's calling...
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    you are on a pth of destruction. please do not keep trading by saying" at least i gave it a try"..
    its gambling and you will lose everything. guaranteed. of course you will have a few real hood weeks which will give tremendous confidence but trist me,you will lose it all. it ALWAYS HAPPENS.
  4. I've met retired people with the same attitude. It's scary.
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    Is this a paid advertisement or is it a new type of "covert ad" where ET does not claim it as an ad?
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    there's this thing call a simulator
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