Undocumented Immigrants - What Is a Good Number to Bring In Annually to the USA? Why?

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  1. easymon1


    What's a Good Number of Undocumented Immigrants to Bring Annually into the USA? Why?
    As Is, Who benefits most, least?
    Is there a better way? What is it?
  2. Ricter


    Enough to get the entire harvest in without waste, no more no less.
  3. jem


    Citizens are hurt the most.
    In that the owners would have to pay more for labor if we were not bringing in millions of laborers.

    Corporations and larger entities who wish to sell to the world benefit the most from bringing in cheap labor. The non citizens who get work also benefit.

    Yes there is a better way.
    Get all Americans working before you bring in cheap labor.

    If you are worried about inflation...
    Cease increasing the money supply by trillions of dollars.
    We could handle a little inflation created by wage increases.
  4. Snarkhund


    Americans won't work in the fields. I support some reasonable path to citizenship for those who work. By reasonable I mean not a 10-year process.
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  5. jem


    Does that not defy the idea of demand and supply?
    Would not 50 bucks an hour not bring a ton of workers.
    So between what they offer now and 50 bucks an hour would be the correct number.

    Which might mean we get to export less..
    But we would have more citizens working and maybe extend the usefulness of our water supply and land.

    I don't see why a seasonal guest worker program would not be sufficient.
    I don't really think we need to create more democrats at the moment.

  6. Snarkhund


    I don't want to pay $7 for a carrot though.
  7. jem


    Inflation in food caused by a true price for labor... is nothing compared to inflation we experience by allowing the FED to create trillions and trillions of dollars a year... like they are doing right now.

    Have you seen their balance sheet... its at 8 trillion..


    In addition think about all the trillions they get to create just to keep balance with world demand for the dollar.

    Imagine how cheap imports would be if the world demand for our dollars was not slaked by letting our privately owned FED banks create trillions of dollars.
    (congress does indeed borrow a trillion or so a year... but that is borrowed so it should not be that inflationary.)

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  8. LS1Z28


    What's a good number of undocumented immigrants to bring into our country every year? Zero. The number of legal immigrants we allow should be determined by the supply & demand of our economy.

    The US allows more than 1 million legal immigrants every year. They typically take in more than any other country in the world. I'm not anti-immigration in the least bit, I just think it should be done legally.
  9. The law already allows for guest workers. You don't need to offer citizenship to people just because they are needed for crop picking season and lots/most want to maintain connections in their home country anyway if longer term stable relationships can be established. Build upon that.
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  10. smallfil


    Most of the seasonal workers who work in fields in the US are content to go back to Mexico after their season is over. A good number has built houses in Mexico and saved some monies because the cost is living is lower. They are not interested in becoming US citizens. I believe they already have work permits every year. This information I got from an article I read maybe, 7 years ago. Those that should not be let in the US are those gang members coming from Latin America and coming here to commit crimes. They know they can get deported after proceedings but, will slip back in the US. Now, with open borders, they will just establish roots permanently, no law enforcement dare arrest them.