Undocumented Immigrants Allowed To Practice Law In California

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Oct 6, 2013.

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  2. Why bother having immigration laws at all?

    At the rate we're going, soon the US will be such a pit that nobody will WANT to emigrate here.
  3. Everything south of the border is a giant ant farm. Mexicans don't have any books in their households, half of them in Mexico are not taught to read in any language at all but they will work hard because there is no safety net. They spread info via chemical trails sort of, ant to ant and it usually smells like some priest's asshole. They simply swarm an area and make it over into THEIR ant farm.
  4. Lucrum


    Lets see, if they're allowed to practice law then they're a lawyer.
    If they're a lawyer then they'll either make a fortune in frivolous law suits then run for congress. OR run for congress, then make a fortune in bribes.

    Either way they'll end up in congress and therefore eventually the white house.
    I mean after 2008 it's not lime we still have any POTUS standards preventing them.
  5. jem


    an attorney could take that as an insult or run for Congress.
  6. Lucrum


    YOU I could live with in congress.
  7. jem


    I would be too concerned I would sell my soul up there. 10 years ago... I was untouchable... and wanted the job... but now with 4 kids... I would have to decline as I actually need to earn money.

    Nancy Pelosi self deals hundreds of millions and no one stops her?
    they must all be doing the same thing. Even bob dole got rich?

    I would be concerned I would find a way to justify becoming slime like them.

    Even without being slime... instead of working to abolish income tax and campaign bribes... all of a sudden my vote might change... instead of abolishing personal income tax I might have the IRS target community organizers and those who support personal income taxes.

    I respectfully decline.

  8. Lucrum


    Which is exactly why you're the kind of guy we need there.
  9. Everybody does. Too much power to be had. Too much money too be made. Isn't anyone THAT honest.
    No doubt, just like police, most go in with good intentions. Doesn't take long for the corruption to set in. The wheels of corruption are also greased by being told, in no uncertain terms I'm sure, that "playing ball" is the way to go. Otherwise, "accidents" can happen. In the end the most honest ones are those that only abuse the power a little bit, just make a few million, but they all abuse it, and they're all on the take.
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    So how long will it be before illegal aliens are allowed to be police officers in California?

    My guess is that will happen eventually.
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