Undeserving money managers eat up 25% of returns of retail investors

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  1. Retail investors are better off if majority of their money managers are fired. These money managers do not create value for their clients. They create value for themselves at the expense of their clients. Beats me why these people can continue this evil value destruction business for so long.


    Retail fund investors lose up to a quarter of their gross returns in costs and charges, according to research from the EU’s main securities regulator. The disclosure will ratchet up pressure on the asset management industry to show that it is giving value for money.

    In its first annual report of fund charges, the European Securities and Markets Authority said that Ucits — EU-regulated funds sold to retail investors — carried charges that “are a significant drain on fund performance”.

    While the report stated that the effect of charges on return varied across asset classes, it found that funds’ average fees accounted for a quarter of gross returns between 2015 and 2017.

    Esma also showed that passive equity funds “consistently outperform” active equity funds once fees were taken into account. It said costs for active funds were “significantly higher” than those for passive funds, which led to lower performance net of costs for active compared with passive.

    The EU securities regulator noted that investment companies’ management fees were the main component of their high charges, while fund entry and exit fees have a more marginal effect.
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    Wow...why?..how? I mean...what took you so long? 90% of market participants lose. Did you really think the money managers were the other 10%?
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  3. I wonder what percentage of elitetraders on this forum lose. maybe elitetraders here do better than conventional active money managers?
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    Nah, i wouldn't think so. Quite a few on here can't even read.
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  5. I seriously doubt it. This place is filled with posers, losers and wannabes...especially those who brag about their results. The few successful ones are probably inactive and never talk about being great traders.
  6. your only a loser if you are "NOT" doing what you love. follow that and the money will magically come.
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    We are all above average.