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  1. Hi folks,

    I have tried several searches to find a recommendation on this board for a good basic statistics book. The closest thread is:


    I have looked through the thread, but haven't really found a good recommendation. I took statistics while studying engineering in college, but I can't remember much at all. I need a refresher.

    Can someone recommend either a college text book, website or a regular book on the basics of statistics and probability?

    Your help is appreciated.
  2. Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists by

    Walpole, Myers, Myers

    Although it says engineers and scientists, it is easy to follow.
  3. I actually think that this book was the same one I studied in college. I will try to find it at the local library and see if it suits my needs.

    Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. FT71,

    As someone with advanced degrees in Statistics, who used to teach it to some of our brightest students (as a TA in the trenches, rather than a professor), I would not recommend most college-level textbooks for your needs. Too much filler, too many derivations / proofs / detours... the kind of writing, structure and flow that makes sleeping pills obsolete.

    What you probably want is something focused on practical, hands-on applications, with lots of good examples of actual problem-solving, all logically presented and thoroughly indexed. My top recommendation along those lines would be this Schaum's Outline. There are other Schaum's titles in this subject area, as you can see, but this is the one I'd go with, if you want a single, go-to resource. Most bookstores or libraries should have a copy. Good luck.
  5. Apex,

    Your input is greatly appreciated. I will check that out and try to make a note of my thoughts on it once I do. I am reluctant to get a college text for the reasons you outlined. I just want something I can study and then apply rather than theory, etc.

    Thanks again.

    PS: I just bought it for $10. Can't go wrong for that price.
  6. wave


    If you want to understand the concepts, buy a copy of "Statistics Without Tears" or check local library.

    Author is Derek Rowntree