Understanding futures commissions

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  1. IB rate is $0.85 on 1 contract

    Mirus is ES $.49; PLUS exchange fee for 1$? = so total is 1.49??

    On IB site it says " Our pricing for futures in US markets includes our low broker commission plus exchange, regulatory and clearing fees. You are not charged a carrying fee for positions held overnight. 1"

    so why would anyone in the right mind ever join brokers like mirus or optimus???

    am i missing something here?
  2. * $0.40 per side does not include exchange fees, NFA fees and software fees where applicable.

    the only winners here are brokers and exchanges.. they make money no matter what.. and lots of it. geezz..

  3. You are misinterpreting the IB fees.

    Low broker commission = 0.85
    Exchange fees etc. are added on top of that.

    So others charging 49 cents would be cheaper except that they usually charge additional platform fees or clearing fees which IB does not charge.
  4. Right and the "other" feeds that other brokers charge are usually 1+ dollar. And one trade on both side ends up costing 4 to 5 dollars. I find that rediculas on the most liquid market such as emini.

    So what is truly a cheap broker where the net fee is cheap? Bc 5$ per trade is rediculas if ur making a 10+ trades per day
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    Execution is more important sometimes than commission. You can get cheaper than IB but I would stick with them.
  6. thx, can you answer my question tho?

    system i trade makes many trades, and many of them are losers but a few of the winners make me money. but if i gotta pay the brokers gazzilions of dollars in fees for all of my trades. thats rediculas... i dont understand why we have to pay a exchange fee etc for every single trade

    i remember when i trade stocks via prop shop, commission was .002 per trade; now in futures... it's 4-5$ per trade........... same technology.... same exchanges... wtf did we just get sent back 100 years where a order has to travel on a donkey??
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    I supose you will not get such commission as you mentioned you had. bt try to contact you broker with explanation of your quantity of trades. I think they could decrese the comission somehow.
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    I don't beleive that Mirus has such comission!
  9. AMP's roundturn on 1 ES trade, lower rates for volume

    Exchange: . . $2.28
    NFA: . . . . . . $0.08
    Clearing: . . . $1.00
    CQG TRF: . . $0.20
    total: . . . . . $3.52
  10. For a good worksheet showing typical breakdown of the components of fees, see


    It is useful no matter what broker you use.

    The largest component of fees is the exchange fee. You can get it cut by becoming a "member" or part of a member or leasing etc....brokers can help with this......
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