Understanding Euro crisis

Discussion in 'Economics' started by lilmissunshine, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Okay so I understand what happened in the Crash of 2008 as far as America is concerned. The subprime morgage crisis, (with the credit default swaps etc), the allowing of Lehman brothers to go under, but the bail out of Bear Stearns and several banks to follow. I realise that investors in Europe were also tied into these toxic assets.

    I know many of you are way ahead of me on this subject, but that's why I am asking for help. Can you please recommend me a few articles (paste links) to help me get up to speed and understand what is going on as far as Europe, and specifically Greece and Germany?? When I try to read recent articles it just seems that I am overwhelmed because it will target a specific aspect and I feel like I don't have enough of the back story or the whole main idea to understand the specific article. It is so relevant to the exact date, but I need something that gives me a picture of the last several months to a year's time.

    Thanks in advance for any article recommendations and links!