Understand the chaotic Market situation

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  1. All traders will struggle to understand and learn the chaotic market in volatility, there are various trading perspectives for each trader when looking at the same market condition, but how to understand market chaotic in thee market.

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    Understand the chaotic Market situation

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    Are you registered as a sponsor? Looks like you are directly competing with ET :rolleyes:

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    Let the professional writers understand why the market is chaotic.

    We will just trade the chaotic market and profit from it.

    And we will make sure the road construction is completed successfully.
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    success is a temporary session i think , for that reason we always have to keep moving.
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  5. sounds motivational speech but very common issue.
  6. tomorton


    When a market is chaotic it gives me few entry signals and fewer of my entry orders are hit by price.

    I'm happy with that.
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  7. In my experience, fewer trades were hit by the price but gave better trades than many trades hit.
  8. tomorton


    Clearly we trade using very different styles. Trading being what it is its very possible for one trader to have a consistent but low trade frequency with high r:r and at the same time another to have a episodically high trade frequency with low r:r.

    Both can be right, both will have different experiences in trading.
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  10. Chaotic situations in the market are created due to high volatility in the market which is common in the forex market.
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