Undergrad Hedge Fund Prodigy - Luck or Talent?

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    Good article. Only time will tell, but I'd say talent.
  2. Hmmm, no website for Caelum Capital (at least one that is a hedge fund) that I can find.
  3. Yeah.

    It looks like talent, combined with an extraordinary amount of hard work from an individudal who is/was very mature for his age combined with parents who look out for his best interests in life.
  4. For him to consistently make money without on overriding powerful trend would make people forget about his earlier "blowouts". He could be the next "Ken Griffin". He may want to change the name of his firm to something that is more recognizable. He has plenty of time to do those things.
  5. Ok he turned $7000 into a million or two in a few years with tight stop losses, 2-1 leverage and only stock trading? I can totally see options, but not stocks on 2:1 margins.
    There is no fund website, there is not even a profile on it on any sites, the closest you can find is some guy named Pat Kelly on Linked who claims to have been a Co-head of marketing for Mr. Graves (whom he calls his friend), who, ironically, is not mentioned in the badly written article. And still, there is no fund website nor is there any sign that Mr. Graves' fund has been active in gaining exposure & marketing, as is stated in the article. Even Sykes had a websites & was all over the mediums.

    Whenever you hear returns like this with simply long/short equity strategies, you attribute high risk & high leverage with it, whether lucky or not. Not uncommon. Yet this article states that he runs a low risk uncorrelated strategy with low leverage.
    Reminds me of another exceptional fund manager whose name also starts with an "M"
  6. Great story.

    Could be the result of randomness and a example of survivorship bias. At 23, his story is still incomplete.
  7. Victor Meederhoffer?
    Warren Muffett?
    Paul Tudor Mones?
    Monroe Trout?
    !.......Bernie Madoff? :cool:
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    Why is he attending Pomona College?
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    your entire post is exactly what I was thinking, great minds think alike :D

    (or so they say)
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