UNDERemployment benefits

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  1. Who should I tell this idea to??

    If you used to make $30/hour you get laid off and start collecting unemployment... and receiving some % of you're income. In the mean time you find a job for lets say $12/hour just for something to do. But wait now they take away your unemployment. so you're still screwed. Why isn't there something that can fill the gap? Does something like this exist? If people can't maintain their standard of living there will be delflation, right? I personally like deflation but im assuming business owners don't.
  2. Isn't there some form of insurance coverage that does this this gap? AFLAC?
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    get in touch with karl marx
  4. Welfare
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    There is. It's called your savings to tide you over until you find something better. Oh wait.... I forgot, this is America where savers are fools and he who has the most debt wins.
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    Why don't we just make the minimum wage something nice, like 75 bucks an hour? I can guarantee if we did that nobody would be griping about a 12 dollar an hour job. . . ;)