Under what conditions will C bounce back to above $2 region?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by mizhael, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Anybody can give me a laundry list about potential conditions that once satisfied, that will make C bounce back to > $2 region?

  2. 1) GS and MS would have to issue a "strong sell" recommendation on C.
    2) It'll happen AFTER you sell out of your losing position from the teens. :cool:
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    reverse split.
  4. I think a better question to ask is:

    Does a bankrupt company's market cap ever increase by 6 billion dollars?
  5. You meant "strong buy" rec for C?

    Don't forget GS and MS will post their 1Q result in the coming two weeks. And since they are investment banks, I have a gut feeling that they did reasonably well in the 1Q trading results.

    That will constitutes one source of foundation for a temporary bull's eye for the financials.
  6. Yes, that's one thought. They have until June to do that to avoid being unlisted from NYSE. I think they will eventually do that if things don't improve, but not for the next a few weeks. Any thoughts?
  7. As long as there are positive movements and crazy people get into it.

    What's your supporting evidence of its bankruptcy?
  8. I meant "strong sell". You meant "strong buy". :)
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    The Fed announces they will do open market operations in citigroup stock instead of treasuries to 'stabilize the banking system'
  10. Good idea... but we know that's almost impossible, right? Because if Fed wants to do that on C, it would first do that on GM.
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