Under Pres. Obama, what is the over/under that a city gets nuked by terrorists

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  1. First WTC bombing 2/93. One month into the new Clinton administration

    Second WTC bombing 9/01 Eight months into new Bush administration

    Obama will be the most inexperienced and weakest President since JKF.

    Look at the mess JFK got in ,
    *Bay of Pigs,
    *Berlin Wall,
    *Trading Cuba eternal peace for missiles. (Gee, you think Iran / N Korea learned something from this)

    This will be a very rough year as every crackpot will pursue their agenda, testing the resolve of a wimpy green president.

    How many months before we lose a major world city?
  2. Interesting...

    You perfectly restate the thinking of James Burnham from his "Third World War" columns - and about destroying US enemies in pre-emptive wars.

    This is at the core of Neo-con thinking and ideology.
  3. There's Obama's raw intelligence and intellectual heft, and Biden's deep foreign policy experience, and then there's this, which you apparently favor:

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  4. If I recall correctly the biggest terrorist attack in this country's history happened on a Republicans watch.I still don't understand how its the Republicans who gets the reputation of being better for security

    Obama has always stressed going after Al queda , Bush and Mccain think Iraq is more important

  5. much lower odds than some one bashing your head in while you take a stroll in the park.
  6. Nuke attack? Not likely. Revenge attacks for the deaths of 100,000 Muslims in Iraq. Probable. We may someday pay the price for the collateral damage of giving people their "freedom".
  7. Doubtful that retribution will come because of Iraq. Even the Arabs don't care about Iraq. Killing rabid Pakistanis with their contingent of nutjobs living in the States could be a different story though.

    The media and Bush refuse to level with us on the two key reasons why the Muslim "street" is anti-American and in most cases anti-West.

    1. Israel. Not just because of the Palestinians. Muslims hate Jews, period.

    2. They really do hate us for our "freedoms." Not our Constitutional freedoms like democracy but our freedom to debase. They look upon any society that condones abortion, homosexuality and pornography as Satanic. Failure to define the "freedoms" they hate disingenuously hides their deep motives.

  8. Comparing Obama to JFK....

    Obama could do worse. You may want to consider the stakes during the cold war and cuban missile crisis. He was dealing with mutual assured destruction on both sides. A soviet first strike with their ICBMS would have destroyed 85% of our missiles if not more and killed hundreds of millions of people. Think about that. Oh and about the bay of pigs, the b-26 bombers, who are of course supposed to be escorted and protected by fighters were not because they arrived 1 hour before the fighters did and were shot down. Why? The fighters were leaving from a different base, in a 1 hour different time zone and no one realized the time difference until later.
  9. Who is going to nuke us anyway? Not very likely.

  10. I've been thinking, this is one of the stupidest thing I've read in this section. You really haven't the faintest clue what you are talking about.
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