Under Obama-care, this is what will happen to us:

Discussion in 'Economics' started by lolatency, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D96RA7F82&show_article=1

    We can laugh/place wagers/cry/be-thankful-we-are-not-those-retarded-people today, but tomorrow we are going to be -those- retarded people.

    This is what the state is going to do to your children. Just imagine -- you just followed a stock_trad3r call by accident, you're poor, and now the state has come to take your slightly slow kids off to the state-run mental facility. In this state-run facility, your kids will be treated like one of Michael Vick's dogs. Unlike the Vick case, however, there will be no one to uncover it -- the state will try to cover its tracks, and your children will be abused daily for the entertainment of someone who was given a job as part of some kind of future, keynesian government stimulus package.

    This is our future. Stop voting for republicans and democrats, people.
  2. That's just the Texas way... I saw an undercover camera report of an old folk's home in Texas once, they had people in beds that couldn't get up on their own and bugs were eating them alive... they lifted up one old lady that was begging them to get her out of there and she was laying in bugs... her bed was crawling with them. The place is nuts, having some retards fighting would be pretty tame for Texans really... the state cops there will tell hitch hikers to walk out of town and then hunt them down and kill them, I got that story from some really scared transients when I was a transient myself in the sixties...