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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. uhhh i have always wanted to know what country, city, body of water, whatever.. is directly below my feet on planet earth.

    so i went to:

    and found the coordinates for where i live. now that i know MY coordinates, how can i determine the other side of them? for example, say mine were:

    52n32, 58w30

    from these numbers can i find out the other side on earth? if so, how?

    after i figure that out, next i will find a site to type in coordinates and find out where those coordinates are.

    YES, I KNOW THIS IS NERDY! but i've always wondered what is below me..on the other side of the planet. :cool:
  2. i found out what's under my feet. so now i know directly below me there are fish swimming around. :cool:
  3. I did some research and found out what is below GG's feet....

  4. rs7


    but only halfway to the other side is the place where thunderbolt will assure you will be your ultimate resting place. so no matter where you start from on the globe, if you go halfway down, you get to Tbolt's Inferno. We will all be partying there eventually while tbolt is all alone high above somewhere. Maybe on the planet of his origin.

    Abandon Hope All Gekko's Who Enter There!!!

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    We will all be in that stuff up to our ankles according to tbolt. Of course that is because we will be standing on our heads:(
  6. hehe

    i've said this before, but for those who missed it: the true resting place for all of us will someday be in the sun. stars have stages and one of them is the red giant stage. when our sun is in the red giant stage, it will become so big that it will engulf planet earth. so i guess we're all going to hell. :p

    but then again, you never know..that won't happen for many, many years. i suppose it is possible some huge object could slam into earth or something..and send us on another path..