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Discussion in 'Politics' started by ShoeshineBoy, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Turok


    >Personal responsibility to whom, you?

    The concept is so foreign that ART must now begin asking questions. LOL

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  2. Your reactions on an anonymous message board is foreign to me.

    Maybe spending time in prison does that, I don't know.

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  3. Turok


    LOL. Prison is NOT where one typically learns personal responsibility, that I can assure you. How to set up meth labs? - Yes. The latest smuggling routes? - Yes. The finer points of rip-off scams? - Yes. Lying on the stand 101? - Yes. These are all things that one can learn if inclined...but personal responsibility? -- not a great environment for learning that.


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  4. Ah so you learned all of those things you mentioned in prision.

    That explains a lot.


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  5. Turok


    >This is like the pitchers in a bullpen shooting
    >shit, surfers shooting shit waiting for a wave,
    >defensive football players shooting shit on the
    >bench, waiting for the offense to get off the
    >field to play.

    It's obvious from the above that you consider personal responsibility a burden to be cast aside during moments of relaxation, recreation and entertainment. Convenience likely falls in there somewhere as well.

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  6. If you had been an athlete, playing team sports, you would know exactly the difference between the real game, and the game in between times.

    It really is a riot to me that you take the concept of "personal responsibility" to include anonymous message boards, especially the Chit Chat forum at ET.

    Maybe this Chit Chat Forum is your "real" life, how pathetic would that be.

    Someone who claims they never got high needs to.

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  7. Turok


    >Ah so you learned all of those things
    >you mentioned in prision.

    LOL. Attempts at prison insults work on me about as well as attempts at gay insults. I'm proud of my past and perfectly comfortable with my sexual orientation.

    Don't worry ART I don't respond to this sort of stuff the way you do...I won't PM you 16 times with a subject line something like..."Gay prison boys in bondage with ART".

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  8. You are proud to be an ex-con. Bully for you.

    I don't see a lot of folks wearing those T-Shirts.

    I am glad you are comfortable with your sexual preference. What is it by the way? Since you are comfortable with it, please share it with us.

    p.s. Why is it that you consider being called gay an insult? Do you have a problem with people who are gay?

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  9. Turok


    >Someone who claims they never got high needs to.

    LOL. I get high in ways you can't buy for 5 bucks on the street corner. Hanging by fingertips two thousand feet in the air on El Capitan. Coaxing that last bit of lift out of a mountain wave at over twenty thousand feet elevation in my perfectly silent and unpowered hang glider while trying to race the sun to a goal 200 miles distant.

    It's my high of choice, but when it comes to highs I believe in the freedom of choice so to each his own.

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  10. Let me guess, you are a John Denver fan.

    "Rocky mountain high...Colorado"

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