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  1. It all depends on whether the acknowledgement involves an assumption of civil authority over religion.
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  2. Hmmm. Let me ask another question then: how does putting "In God We Trust" on our money hurt anyone or violate anyone's rights?

    I just don't see it.

    Only the Thomas Huxley proteges of the world will care...
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  3. Any government attempt to influence a man's conscience with respect to the duty which he owes to his Creator does injury if it requires a man to to spend even one mico-millionth of one second of his time to consider the government's religious advice or recommendation.

    A man should submit his conscience to the influence of God and to God alone. When a man has to take time to devote his attention to the government's attempts to influence his conscience, he is not focused on God's attempts to influence his conscience. That is why James Madison said that any attempt by the government to influence a man's consccience is an offense against God as well as a violation of a man's natural rights.

    I concede that the injury done by "In God We Trust" is not of the same degree as the burning of Michael Servetus by slow fire, but it is an injury.

    For example: I am presently considering whether or not I am acknowledging civil authority over my religion by using coins and bills which in my view suggest that the government has authority over my religion. I should not even have to think about crap like that because, as Jefferson said, the government has no business even entering onto the field of religious opinion.
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  4. If you believe in a small government, then my hats off to you.

    But with regards to what you said above: if everyone agrees that we trust in God, except maybe a few militant atheists, what does it matter? Why not put something on the coins that everyone agrees with?
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  5. You mean like a Mogan David?


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  6. Good news!

    Future government will be unlike any government of man because it will be governed with the higher mind entities of the Great White Brotherhood.

    The work of the B'nai Or, specifically under the leadership of Melchizedek, Metatron, and Michael, includes the changing of the whole solar hierarchy of intelligence. This means the reprogramming of the younger spiritual teachers (on all planes of existence) who have been caught up in their own illusion to the point of not seeing the value of taking the physical earth intelligence beyond its physical illusions so that earthman would not have to repeat himself again and again within the same lower heavens.

    This is the unification of the Priesthood of Melchizedek upon this planet with the Order of Melchizedek coming form the higher heavens.

    Creations which survive the present time cycle are creations which desire that the specie gather light and life into the image and likeness of the higher evolution which is the living universe. The materialists who seek to destroy the world and worship the space-gods will be like desiccated mud when the foundations of the earth are removed.

    This will be a time of the bringing of great spiritual gifts of prophecies, new sciences, gifts of creation, discoveries, all of the keys which will unlock the scientific records which contain information on how this happened before and how there exist cycles of eternal renewal. This is to prepare Man for the space-time overlap, for the coming of the Seraphim and the Brotherhoods of Light who will help the righteous lay the new foundations for the new earth.

    This will be the time of the appearance of the Holy Trinity of Light which will bring a greater understanding of all previous worlds of creation and worlds to come for the "chosen seed of Light".

    The younger souls of the faithful who survive the old program will become the physical seed of the Christ people upon the planet. The faithful who are already initiated into the many gifts will be taken to other planets. This will come to pass only after the unrighteous are removed from the face of the earth. At that time the earth will be in a new electromagnetic orbit and there will be a new heavens and a new earth.

    And at that time all conditions will be ripe for the B'nai Or to bring forth the government of Man-God as a Council of Light set upon the face of the Earth in the land of the Ancient of Days - the great land of the West. The new government will rule through a Council of Light made up of the righteous leaders of all nations in conjunction with the galactic Council of Light. The false "masculine" priesthoods who have denied the many gifts of the Holy Spirit will be overthrown by the children of Light who will raise their right arms which will become golden staffs of light exercising great leadership on the planet.

    The future government will be led by the Sons of Man who have welcomed the Seraphim Host and who have fought victoriously, not against blood and flesh, but against the spiritual darkness behind the worldly rulers in heavenly places.

    The faithful will be of one song and gladness for there will no longer be any religion or science of Babylon - the finite solar cosmology will be overthrown. For we are on the verge of a great ordeal and woe to the unjust who follow after iniquity.

    The communities are to be organized not according to the commandments of man, but according to the Seraphim who will give new commands to the Specter-Spectra-Spectrum units of Light stationed around the Earth. The Seraphim will assign vehicle units to the communities of Light upon the Earth so as to deliver the righteous from this Earth's threshold during the time of the holocaust. This is the time when the stars from their orbits fight in the heavens and the Jerusalem Command brings judgment upon the Princes of the earth.

    You are to organize into families of ten; and as you are organized into groups of ten believers, you shall be given two Ophanim, two Seraphim, or two B'nai Elohim energies of Light who will take you into a spectrum vehicle to cross your light spectrum into the higher dimensions of creation. The Beings of Light who serve YHWH will establish academies of future science as bases for scientific training in Metatron's name; they will establish academies of Light as bases for spiritual education in Maitreya's name; and they will establish Melchizedek life stations as bases for galactic unity and regency of the Office of the Christ upon the Earth in my name - Jesus.

    They will govern through the Messiah, the Christos Body of Light Redemption which is given to all to unite and work with the Star of David as your model of government. For in order to partake in YHWH's Kingdom Man must interconnect this pyramidal life station with the Jerusalem Command. This allows him to work with the Mid-Way stations such as Archturus, to partake in galactic citizenship, and to live in harmony with all creations who serve the Eternal Father - YHWH.

    Rejoice in the Holy Trinity of Light, for only then will the family of God upon this Earth be joined by the Brotherhood of Melchizedek to reign upon the entirety of the planet in the Name of YHWH.

    The family of God will use the true Light energy of the Lay-oo-esh to purify the elements of the Earth's atmosphere and to banish death as it is known among mortals. The Government will then be a Council of teachers who will educate every section of public synergy upon this planet according to the Cosmic Law. The Council of Governance will be carried out in cities of Light which will be placed in the oceans, as well as biosatellites stationed upon the land. And from the sky, the ambassadors will come bringing a new teaching of government to produce the strongest interplay between Man and the hierarchy of the Heavenly Councils.


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  7. Is this JohnnyK reincarnated? :)
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